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Benefits of Installing an LED Landscape Lighting System

Led Lighting Atlanta

LED landscape lighting technology, in today’s and age, offers gorgeous and vast lighting options coupled with bulb longevity and energy savings. However, this wasn’t always the case. Just a few years ago, LED lighting was inconsistent and lead to poor color quality. With that being said, as technology changes, so does LED, and now it’s more reliable than ever before; …

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Enhancing Your Yard With Outdoor Water Feature Lighting

Water Feature Lighting Atlanta

Water feature lighting has become a new and exciting method for our Atlanta homeowners to showcase their water features and surrounding landscaping. While many outdoor lighting companies in Atlanta will use submersible pond lighting, we at NightVision prefer to utilize downlighting, in order to showcase the water feature. As opposed to creating glare from within the water, our outdoor lighting …

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Why You Should Stay Away From Cheap Outdoor Lighting

Cheap Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to achieving a better looking home, it’s not just about the landscape, the freshly trimmed yard, or even the architecture of your home. The way your property looks when the sun finally goes down adds that extra edge over your neighbors. Having an incredible looking landscape and a maintained home can certainly make your property pop, however, …

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When is it Time to Update Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Outdoor Lighting Updates

Let’s face it, technology has changed quite a bit in the past twenty years. As a matter of fact, did you know that the first outdoor lighting fixtures were developed from painted coffee cans, mayonnaise jars, 12-volt batteries and automobile lamps? However, today’s outdoor lighting fixtures are more sleek, compact, and are made available in a variety of materials, which …

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Benefits of Installing a Proper Outdoor Lighting System

Outdoor Lighting System Benefits

It’s likely that everyone would agree, we could all use a little more light in our lives. As an Atlanta homeowner, outdoor lighting is one of the biggest assets you can have for your property. If you are looking to have a customized outdoor lighting system professionally installed, look no further than the residential outdoor lighting experts at NightVision Outdoor …

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Why Outdoor Lighting is a Good Investment For 2017

Outdoor Lighting Atlanta

There is a wide range of smart reasons for an Atlanta homeowner to invest in outdoor lighting for their property this year. These range from substantial boosts in safety and security to simple aesthetic benefits. This spring, think about both enhancing and complementing the natural beauty of the exterior of your home with professional outdoor lighting, as it can have …

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Even the Smallest Exterior Lighting System Can Have a Massive Impact

Exterior Lighting System Atlanta

It’s been said before, and it likely will be said again, but at NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we believe exterior lighting is all about the effect, as opposed to the fixtures. When we create an exterior lighting design for our Atlanta homeowners, we look to illuminate all the key aspects of their property, sometimes without using many light fixtures. After all, …

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Impressing Guests and Home Buyers Alike With Professional Outdoor Lighting

Increase Curb Appeal

It should come as no surprise that most of your guests — and many would-be buyers, if your home is on the market — see your home only in the evening, which is, sadly, when its best features may be lost in the shadows. Thankfully, with the proper outdoor lighting system in place, you can enhance your home’s architectural detail …

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The Safe Way to Take Down Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Take Down

With the holiday season (sadly) coming to an end, many homeowners in Atlanta are beginning to make preparations to dismantle their outdoor holiday light displays. If taking down the holiday lights outside your home is on your to-do list this weekend, you’ll want to ensure that you get the job done safely. Here are a few tips from the Atlanta …

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