Basic Landscape Lighting Methods For Residential Homeowners

Having a spectacular and striking yard is easier than ever because of today’s many options in landscape lighting. In fact, showing off your home in a most impressive way can be as simple as getting the landscape lighting aspects right from the very beginning. In order to do this you should understand a few basic landscape lighting methods as a way to make the exterior of your home something truly memorable. Consider these following techniques in order to enhance the outside of your home at night.

Outdoor Illumination

For example, homeowners generally can choose between up lighting or down lighting options when it comes to illuminating a home exterior. Perhaps most commonly used is what is known as “Up Lighting.” This type of outdoor illumination is typically used for trees and can also be used to highlight other types of taller features in a yard. In most cases a lighting fixture is placed at the base of a tree or other object so that the light is directed up as a way to accentuate the shape of the tree or its trunk.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

In most instances one or two fixtures will suffice when trying to achieve this type of effect. If the main focus is branches rather than the trunk of a tree simply place the fixtures a little further away from the tree base. Consider using low-voltage landscape lighting or even LED lighting when opting for up-lighting effects. Conversely, “Down Lighting” can be equally impressive when used in the right way. To create a unique down-light effect simply place fixtures within the tree itself and angle them downward to light the area below.

Unique And Truly Impressive

This lighting strategy can be used to highlight flower gardens, a patio or even an adjacent walkway. The height of the lighting fixtures will determine how large an area is lighted below. This is where creativity can take over and allows the homeowner or landscaper to design a unique and truly impressive backyard or front yard landscaping light show. It is even possible to illuminate an entire large patio if necessary. Low-level downward facing lighting can be very effective at lighting a pathway as necessary.

Creative Yard Lighting

Down lighting is unique for a number of reasons including the fact that it casts interesting and unique shadows upon various outdoor surfaces. This is especially true when it comes to paved surfaces. When light is filtered through tree branches it can take on a whole new and different appeal. When creative lighting is combined with carefully planned landscaping as well as arbors, trellises or garden structures the end result can be an amazing outdoor space for all to enjoy. Taking the time to light your landscaping in the right way will ultimately pay for itself in terms of compliments and even increased property value. Contact Night Vision Outdoor Lighting today for the best in Atlanta landscape lighting services.