LED Use for Outdoor Lights

led outdoor lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting

Our Atlanta outdoor lighting contractors at NightVision highly recommend to homeowners a change in their outdoor lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lights.

The benefits: When LED lights are compared to traditional bulbs i.e. incandescents and CFLs, LED lights last longer! Compare and contrast an LED and an Incandescent bulb:

  • Lifspan of Incandescent: 1/100th of lifespan of LED lights
  • Energy usage of LED lights: 1/1,000th of energy usage of incandescent lights

It’s apparent that if you want to save money, an investment into LED lights goes a long way. NightVision offers LED outdoor lighting at a competitive price. Not only are the the lights provided, they create an outdoor lighting design as well as install the lights to highlight homes and buildings in a beautiful manner.

NightVision owner Lee Davis explains, “One of the best innovations in outdoor lighting has been the LED bulb. LEDs allow our landscape lighting designers to place lights where they should be instead of worrying about if the bulb is easily accessible for frequent changing. Homeowners benefit from gorgeous, well-placed lighting and reduced energy and maintenance costs.”

There you have it- the secret is in the details. Incandescants, CFL’s, and other types of lights on the market cannot compare in quality and savings to LED’s. That is why switching to LED lights for outdoor lighting is the smartest choice for the long haul. Contact NightVision for a custom lighting design quote today.

About NightVision Outdoor Lighting:

NightVision Outdoor Lighting is a landscape lighting company based in Canton, GA. With over a decade of experience, NightVision Outdoor Lighting provides metro Atlanta and North Georgia with the highest quality landscape lighting products and service.

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