Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Expertly Designed Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Creating a comfortable and romantic outdoor space around your home in Atlanta, Georgia can seem complicated. You may have ideas about how you want to light up the space, but the best outdoor landscape lighting that is appropriate for your goals may not always be the lights you first assume are the right option. It is usually best to consider the look that you want for your home before you ask us for recommendations regarding the best option.

Flooding With Light

Atlanta, Georgia has great weather, particularly during the spring and summer months. That may mean that you intend to spend more time outdoors and in your garden. The problem is that you need light to ensure that you and any guests in your home are not tripping over roots, plants or any other items that you keep in the yard.

Flooding your outdoor space with light may mean that you put in path lights or that you add in deck lights and bench lights to illuminate the entire space.

Even if your goal is to flood the area with light so that the risk is limited, keep the type of lighting that you want in mind. Certain lights can provide a gentle glow that illuminates a large area while others are used for accent lighting that draws attention to a particular area of your yard, such as adding dock lights to illuminate the stairs to your porch or backyard deck.

Evaluate Your Preferences

The goals that you set and the type of setting that you want to create will inevitably impact your outdoor landscape lighting. Identify the feeling that you want for your yard. For example, if you want to create a romantic and gentle feeling in your backyard garden, then moon lights might be an appropriate solution. If your goals are concerned with safety and security, then you may find that a down light is more appropriate.

A soft glow is only available through certain lights while other types of lights are designed with safety or accenting a particular area in mind. Depending on your preferences and goals, the lighting that we recommend for your home may differ from the lighting we recommend for others.

Consider Safety

Outdoor landscape lighting is not limited to creating a particular feeling or effect. It is also used to improve the safety of your home and garden. If your primary concern is safety when you spend time outdoors or when your guests slip into the garden during a visit, then you may want to install path lights.

Path lights are placed along the sidewalk or any other path that you have in your yard. They are spaced with safety in mind and offer assurance that you and your guests can see clearly, even when you are staying out in the garden after the sun sets.

Putting in lights can help improve the safety and beauty of your front and back yard. Depending on the type of feeling that you want to create, the best lighting options for your goals can vary. We recommend lights based on your preferences and the goals that you set so that you can get the look and safety standards that you want and expect.