Ask a Professional: Do I Need Outdoor Residential Lighting?


Outdoor lighting is essential at commercial locations, but whether you need it at a residence can depend on a variety of factors. Most people want their homes to have at least some exterior lighting, like a porch light they can turn on if someone comes to their door or they’re not going to be home until after dark. Another common outdoor light for a residence is a floodlight, with or without a motion sensor. These kinds of lights are common above the garage door and in the backyard, where the residents of the home can quickly and easily see what’s going on in those locations.

If you entertain a lot (or even a little), you might want to consider several outdoor residential lighting applications. Floodlights and porch lights are great, but they can only go so far when it comes to lighting up your backyard and deck. Setting a mood for entertaining is also important, and you might want lights that are more subdued but that still illuminate the area well. Many people work with LED rope lights, chandeliers, and side lights for decks. The rope lights can be placed along the railing, while chandeliers and other types of pendant lights work well above tables or seating areas. Side lights can be placed along the edges of stairs, so each step is lit up and people can see to get safely onto and off of the deck.

There are also smaller types of floodlights that can be placed in bushes or around trees or other plants, and that shine up and illuminate those items. They aren’t as bright as the larger floodlights that are placed on the outside of a house and shine down to light up the ground, but they still produce plenty of light to make sure that people can see the beauty of your deck and the surrounding area. Even if you have a fire pit, Tiki torches, or other ways of bringing some light back to the darkness of your deck or other outdoor space, there’s really no substitute for the best outdoor residential lighting applications.

When you’re not sure what lighting options will be right for you, consulting with a professional can help. Just like with interior design and remodeling, it’s possible to plan and lay out an outdoor space, complete with a number of different types of lighting options. Because there are so many residential lighting applications that can be used outdoors, it can be hard to choose. While you don’t want your lighting to be too “busy,” you want to be sure to have enough lighting choices that everyone who visits your outdoor space can be safe and can easily see if there are tripping hazards or other concerns on your deck or around your yard.

Fortunately, the multitude of choices in outdoor residential lighting applications makes it possible to focus on what kind of mood you really want to set in your outdoor space. From casual to elegant, modern to timeless, and everything in between, you have choices. Only you can decide how much residential outdoor lighting you really want or need, but it’s often better to err on the side of having too much, rather than not enough. Take the first steps towards lighting up your home’s exterior space when you contact us, the landscape lighting professionals, at Night Vision.