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Why Outdoor Step Lighting Is An Incredible Investment

Step Lighting NVOL

Outdoor step lighting is typically referred to as a form of safety lighting. This is because its purpose is to guide someone safely from one level to the next while highlighting the path your feet must follow. It goes without saying, if you aren’t able to see where you’re going at night, a trip or fall could lead to a …

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Can Driveway Lighting Enhance Outdoor Safety?

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Your driveway is the entrance to your property used the most often thanks to your vehicle. However, it can also be the cause of safety concerns at night when you cannot see the edge of the pavement from the yard. Every year, many thousands of people are injured when they lose their footing exiting their vehicles or walking towards their …

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The Importance of Outdoor Security Lighting in Atlanta

Outdoor Security Lighting

Let’s face it, everyone wants their residence to be a safe environment, free from theft, crime, and other unwanted mischief. One measure to put in place that can boost your home’s security involves adding lighting to the exterior of your home. In fact, homes without security measures — such as outdoor lighting and alarms — are up to 300% more …

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Improving Your Home Security in Atlanta With The Proper Outdoor Lighting System

Ask any law enforcement officer, and they’re sure to inform you that good home security lighting will help when it comes to deterring crime.  This is because (no surprises) criminals usually don’t want to be easily seen, thus, they choose to hide in the darkness around your property before or after a successful break-in occurs. However, this doesn’t mean you …

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Enhancing Home Security in Atlanta With Outdoor Lighting

As a homeowner, it’s likely that one of your biggest concerns is maintaining an inviting and safe living environment for your family and friends to enjoy. Unfortunately, for homeowners in Atlanta, this has been a difficult task to accomplish. With crime rates in Atlanta (and parts of Northern Georgia) skyrocketing each year — entailing a high level of reported home …

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