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Comparing Uplighting And Downlighting: What Fits Best For Your Home


After dark, your outdoor living space glows. The architectural detail of interesting trees and a stone retaining wall are naturally illuminated. Beds of blooming perennials are highlighted so you can enjoy their beauty after sunset. You don’t see the landscape lighting. You can feel it. Done right, you won’t spot fixtures or feel like you’re sitting in an arena. Effective landscape lighting …

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Wowing Your Guests With Unique Landscape Lighting Features


Landscape lighting is one of the most fun features to play around with when you’re figuring out how you want your property to look. There’s something about light that never fails to attract people’s interest. What’s more, there are endless options for customizing your outdoor lighting in clever ways. Here are a few lighting ideas that will make your guests …

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Combining Focal Points in Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Installing landscaping around your home can be one of the greatest ways to showcase your yard while impressing your house guests and family members at the same time. Not to mention, landscaping, when combined with other outdoor elements — such as fountains and gazebos — make a further impact on the overall visual appeal of your home. With all of …

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