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Comparing Uplighting And Downlighting: What Fits Best For Your Home


After dark, your outdoor living space glows. The architectural detail of interesting trees and a stone retaining wall are naturally illuminated. Beds of blooming perennials are highlighted so you can enjoy their beauty after sunset. You don’t see the landscape lighting. You can feel it. Done right, you won’t spot fixtures or feel like you’re sitting in an arena. Effective landscape lighting …

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The Best Landscape Lighting Tip From An Outdoor Lighting Professional

Night Vision Outdoor Lighting Garden Lighting 02

Landscape lighting needn’t be loud and overexcited. The number one landscape lighting tip you need to know is simple: less says more. One of the things you’ll learn very early on during my introduction to lighting design was that we can create functional lighting without having to sacrifice beauty. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being the top-rated outdoor …

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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Landscape Lighting Systems

Cheap Landscape Lighting Systems

In the new era of a better looking home, it is not just about the landscape, the freshly trimmed yard, or the architecture of your house. The way your home looks when the sun goes down adds the extra edge over your neighbors. Having a great looking landscape and a maintained looking home sure does make your property pop, but …

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Wowing Your Guests With Unique Landscape Lighting Features


Landscape lighting is one of the most fun features to play around with when you’re figuring out how you want your property to look. There’s something about light that never fails to attract people’s interest. What’s more, there are endless options for customizing your outdoor lighting in clever ways. Here are a few lighting ideas that will make your guests …

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The Smart Way To Utilize Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Night Vision Outdoor Lighting Backyard Lighting 05

Attractive landscaping is the result of hard work and creative design—so why do so many homeowners fail to realize their landscape’s full potential? A beautifully styled yard and home exterior can be a whole new world at night, yet they often remain lost in the dark or illuminated under ugly or insufficient lighting. The good news is that there is …

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Why Landscape Lighting is NOT a DIY Project

When beginning an outdoor lighting project — or any home improvement venture, for that matter — you have the choice of hiring an outdoor lighting professional to take care of the work for you or doing the job yourself. Social media like Pinterest and TV shows on HGTV (as well as other DIY tutorials) make doing home improvement projects yourself …

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Fall Landscape Lighting Ideas for Atlanta Georgia Residents

The fall is a beautiful time of the year, particularly for those lucky enough to live in Atlanta. Autumn brings a changing of the seasons, leaves turning colors, and a cooler breeze that reminds residents of the upcoming holidays. You can augment that feeling by adding the right landscape lighting to your property. What makes landscape lighting so effective is …

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Best Areas Around Your Home To Place Landscape Lighting

Establishing professional landscaping outside your home not only enhances your property’s visual appeal but significantly increases its value as well. The key to capitalizing on the benefits landscaping provides is to ensure it is properly lit, so it can be seen no matter the time of day or night. Knowing where to place outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscaping’s best qualities can …

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