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The Benefits Of Landscape Lighting For New Homes


In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of planning exterior lighting even though you might not be ready to have it installed. When building a new home or organizing a major renovation, discussing your options with a landscape lighting expert in Atlanta in advance helps you avoid higher costs later. It also allows for more design options too. To expand on …

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Wowing Your Guests With Unique Landscape Lighting Features


Landscape lighting is one of the most fun features to play around with when you’re figuring out how you want your property to look. There’s something about light that never fails to attract people’s interest. What’s more, there are endless options for customizing your outdoor lighting in clever ways. Here are a few lighting ideas that will make your guests …

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When is it Time to Update Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Outdoor Lighting Updates

Let’s face it, technology has changed quite a bit in the past twenty years. As a matter of fact, did you know that the first outdoor lighting fixtures were developed from painted coffee cans, mayonnaise jars, 12-volt batteries and automobile lamps? However, today’s outdoor lighting fixtures are more sleek, compact, and are made available in a variety of materials, which …

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Why Landscape Lighting is NOT a DIY Project

When beginning an outdoor lighting project — or any home improvement venture, for that matter — you have the choice of hiring an outdoor lighting professional to take care of the work for you or doing the job yourself. Social media like Pinterest and TV shows on HGTV (as well as other DIY tutorials) make doing home improvement projects yourself …

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Combining Focal Points in Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

Installing landscaping around your home can be one of the greatest ways to showcase your yard while impressing your house guests and family members at the same time. Not to mention, landscaping, when combined with other outdoor elements — such as fountains and gazebos — make a further impact on the overall visual appeal of your home. With all of …

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Why Exterior Moon Lighting is a Great Way to Accent Your Home

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘moon lighting’ before, you’ve likely interpreted it as (literally) the glow of light that shines down from the moon at night. However, as Atlanta’s premier outdoor lighting experts, we’ve come to use this phrase as a way to describe a particular lighting system that helps accent your home and yard while (of course) mimicking …

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Fall Landscape Lighting Ideas for Atlanta Georgia Residents

The fall is a beautiful time of the year, particularly for those lucky enough to live in Atlanta. Autumn brings a changing of the seasons, leaves turning colors, and a cooler breeze that reminds residents of the upcoming holidays. You can augment that feeling by adding the right landscape lighting to your property. What makes landscape lighting so effective is …

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Light Up Your Home For Halloween With Residential Holiday Lighting

Halloween is one of the few holidays that allows your imagination to run wild with creativity and festiveness. Between the costumes, decorations and candy, there’s quite a bit to look forward to, though a spooky Halloween display for your front yard is likely first on your list of holiday to-do’s. Unfortunately, with October 31st quickly approaching, your time is dwindling …

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Best Areas Around Your Home To Place Landscape Lighting

Establishing professional landscaping outside your home not only enhances your property’s visual appeal but significantly increases its value as well. The key to capitalizing on the benefits landscaping provides is to ensure it is properly lit, so it can be seen no matter the time of day or night. Knowing where to place outdoor lighting to illuminate your landscaping’s best qualities can …

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Landscape Lighting

For those who are looking at enhancing the beauty of their home and property using inexpensive means, landscape lighting offers a very effective answer. For homes around the country, lighting up the landscape means augmenting your home at night which creates a far more favorable impression of your home. What is Landscape Lighting? Essentially, this is lighting designed primarily to …

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