Using Path, Step And Deck Lighting To Enhance Your Yard

Today, more than ever residential homeowners are looking for unique and special ways of enhancing an outdoors living space. That said, one of the most popular methods of accomplishing this goal is to simply consider all that alternating path, step and deck lighting have to offer. For example, path lighting can create subtle nuances in what would otherwise be a dull or uninteresting walkway. Best of all, pathway lighting can actually enhance safety and reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Pathway Or Walkway Lighting

Path lights can even help to draw attention to changes in grade and other types of similar hazards. Typically speaking, outdoor path lighting is low-voltage and makes use of low-intensity lighting that is reflected downward. Pathway or walkway lighting is also usually downcast so that light does not come into direct contact with the eyes. Indeed, good pathway lighting strategies make use of diffused lighting that is spread across a circular area. This produces the best effect when lighting a paved walkway, gravel path or even a grassy walkway.

Lighting A Walkway

Most experts recommend staggering outdoor lighting fixtures along the edges of a walkway. Whether using LED lights, solar lights or traditional incandescent lighting, the fixtures should be staggered and should alternate from one side of a pathway to the other. This is not to say that a more balanced or linear arrangement cannot be used. Because each project is unique, use what works best for the situation at hand. As a note, when lighting a walkway it is important to spread fixtures far enough apart so that lighted areas do not overlap.

Lighting Up Hazardous Areas

Lighting fixtures should also not be placed too far apart so that dark null-areas are created. Striking a balance is typically the best approach so that an entire walkway is fully lighted in the most advantageous way. Deck lighting is another important aspect of an overall outdoor landscape lighting strategy. When properly used, deck lighting and step lighting can enhance and highlight an outdoor living space beyond compare. This is another type of lighting that not only looks good but also creates increased levels of safety. Lighting up hazardous areas where people could trip or fall is always highly recommend by professionals.

Unique Exterior Lighting

Finally, deck lighting and outdoor step lighting can be used to accentuate architectural elements and may even be used to highlight a patio, veranda or other outdoor space. In most cases deck lighting and step lighting will make use of small unobtrusive outdoor lighting fixtures. Wall inserts and even in-step lighting is often selected when choosing to professionally light a deck space or similar area. Post-top lighting, hanging lights, spotlights, spread lights and a host of other types of unique exterior lighting can be used to create the perfect outdoors experience.

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