Yard Lighting

Outdoor Path Lighting Tips

Outdoor Path Lighting

Path lighting is usually one of the first types of lighting a homeowner installs. But there are also a number of mistakes many homeowners fall into with this seemingly simple lighting feature. Just follow these tips for an outdoor nightscape that will catch the eye and make your home even more beautiful. Getting Path Lighting Right The right path lighting …

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How Proper Yard Lighting Provides Safe Outdoor Fun This Winter

The winter season is coming quickly in Atlanta, with the temperatures dropping steadily over recent days alone. This means a few things: the holiday season is near, jackets will need to be worn when you’re outside and the nights will be here sooner each day, which, in turn, means you’ll need a proper outdoor lighting system this season if you …

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Reasons You Should Have a Lighted Lawn

You may have seen the lawns of neighbors, family, or friends that are lighted and wondered if it was right for you. After all, the first impression of many people is that having a lighted lawn is an extravagance that is only for the well-to-do. However, outdoor lighting is inexpensive and augments your property to a great degree. In fact, …

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How Atlanta Yard Lighting Lets Your Kids Play In Winter

We know (at time of writing this article) it’s the Summer 🙂 But it’s the right time of year to have us come out to your home and install outdoor lighting. You’ll then be ready to enjoy in the Autumn and Winter. Read on… Atlanta yard lighting does what it says it does – it lights up your yard. You …

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Why Hire An Exterior Lighting Professional?

This is a common question that is often asked by homeowners. Perhaps the easiest answer to the question is that an exterior lighting professional will be skilled in taking an idea from just a thought to an actual design and finished project. In addition, experts in exterior lighting for landscaping understand how to piece all the elements together to get the most …

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Exterior Yard Lighting For Beginners

Exterior lighting for almost any size yard is a great way to enhance a deck, front yard or even a small courtyard. Best of all, modern exterior yard lighting is practical, affordable and can increase the value of a property and even make it safer. Those who enjoy entertaining will gain considerably from all that modern outdoor lighting has to …

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Discover Great Ways Of Lighting Your Yard

lighting your yard

Even the best laid landscaping is of little value at night unless it is properly lighted using the right type of fixtures. Lighting your yard, producing stunningly attractive outdoor lighting, and showcasing a wide variety of landscaping is best achieved by following a few simple and straightforward tips. For example, when planning a yard lighting project consider using low-voltage outdoor lights …

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Lighting Your Landscaping For An Overall Better Yard Appearance

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Garden lights, outdoor lighting and even deck lighting can greatly enhance even the most basic of homes in today’s world. That said, there are some basics worth considering when it comes to lighting your landscaping, yard lighting, and outdoors landscape lighting applications. For example, in most instances it is better to use less lighting as opposed to using more lighting. …

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How To Take Exterior Yard Lighting To A New Level

landscape lighting atlanta, atlanta landscape lighting, georgia landscape lighting

Exterior yard lighting plays an important role in creating an overall impressive outside appearance for even the most modest of homes. Keeping this simple fact in mind, there are some easy and effective ways of taking exterior lighting to an entirely new level of perfection. For example, outdoor yard lighting can be impressive especially when it is well balanced or …

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Tips On More Effective Yard Lighting

yard lighting

Few other things around a residential home can compare to attractively designed and carefully laid out exterior yard lighting. In fact, outdoor lighting or exterior lighting that enhances landscaping can change the entire dynamics of what would otherwise be an ordinary or uninteresting yard. Accenting landscaping through the use of modern exterior landscape lighting clearly has important advantages for homeowners. …

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