Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Running a business requires consideration for a variety of factors, including the necessary lighting for company property. Putting in commercial outdoor lighting can play a significant role in the number of risks associated with your business. Depending on the type of business that you manage, the lights that we recommend for outdoor spaces can vary.

Path Lights

When your business invites customers onto the property, we recommend path lights to illuminate the outdoor space from the vehicle to the door. The way path lights work is simple: A pair of lights is placed on both sides of a walkway.

By lighting up the pathway, you are reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents due to poor visibility. The spacing between lights can help illuminate the entire route, which is particularly helpful during the winter months or whenever the weather is poor.

Moon Lights

If your business provides entertainment services or offers an outdoor space that can be used for special events, then moon lights may be an appropriate solution. Moon lights are designed to provide a gentle glow that helps illuminate the area without distracting from the event or causing discomfort when events are taking place in the evening.

Since the lights shine down from a higher location, they offer better illumination over a large area. Depending on the type of business that you manage, the usefulness of the lights may vary.

Aerial Lights

We recommend down lights, which are a type of aerial light, for any commercial outdoor lighting requirement. The reason that down lights are convenient for any business is the versatility of the lights.

Aerial lights can be used to illuminate parking lots, commercial driveways or the area over a door so that your customers and partners are not taking any unnecessary risks when they visit your business. It is particularly useful when a business is open late or during the winter months when the sun goes down before normal work hours are completed.

Aerial lights are not only useful to prevent injuries, but they also provide illumination that can help reduce the risk of crime in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The lights ensure that security cameras and a security team can see clearly during the evening hours, which reduces the risk that crimes will occur.

Accent Lights

Even though the best lights can vary, some businesses find that commercial outdoor lighting can also include accent lights, like an up light or a wash light. The way that accent lights are used depends on the areas of the space that you want to illuminate. For example, you may want to illuminate a particular area of a garden if you provide space for guests during special events or you may want to highlight key features of a patio of the office building.

The appropriate commercial outdoor lighting for your business depends on the situation and the areas that you plan to illuminate. Even though the lights can vary, adding in subtle lighting or soft glowing lights can improve the appeal of your business and help reduce the number of risks associated with the company. Outdoor lights play an important role in maintaining your business and company reputation.