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Low Voltage Lighting Systems For Commercial Properties

Commercial landscape lighting has traditionally been high voltage. For business campuses, retail centers, or institutional buildings, high voltage was almost ubiquitous. Many of these are legacy systems that have been in place since the initial construction of the buildings. They were installed along with the electrical systems for the buildings and were built with heavy-duty 120-volt wiring.

Today, there has been a shift away from 120-volt systems to low-voltage systems. While it may seem like a commercial property would do just fine with “commercial grade” wiring, there are some distinct advantages to switching to low-voltage.

First, a low-voltage system is often more efficient than a 120-volt system. At the scale of a full campus, the energy savings can be significant.

Second, if safety is a concern, 12-volt low-voltage systems have their old 120-volt counterparts beat. If a worker digging around a commercial property breaks into a 120-volt line, the risk of electrocution is significant. However, a 12-volt system is safe for anyone to handle.

Finally, 120-volt systems just aren’t necessary anymore. Many of the best outdoor lighting fixtures are built to run on 12-volts. Modern fixtures and lamps just don’t need that much voltage.

LED Lamps For Commercial Lighting

One reason that 120-volt systems are going out of style is that LED lamps are making their way into commercial landscape lighting. LED technology has been around long enough now to prove itself. LED lighting options extend to all types of color temperatures, lumens, and other features. Because of this, the residential side of the landscape lighting business has already made the shift to LED almost entirely. It is rare to see a 120-volt residential system installed today.

Commercial landscape lighting has lagged a bit. Many businesses don’t want to install a new technology until they are entirely sure that it is better than what they already have. Also, many commercial landscape lighting systems are well-established, so the cost of switching to LED lamps seems like an unnecessary expense.

At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we use LED lamps exclusively. Here’s why: LED lamps have a slightly higher up-front cost, but they are a great investment, especially for commercial landscape lighting. For any commercial application, it is important to keep maintenance to a minimum. The halogen lamps in most commercial landscape lighting today have a limited lifespan. They were once the top of the line, but today they pale in comparison to the lifespan of LEDs. In addition, LEDs create less heat, which means less wear on the fixtures. At the scale of most commercial landscape lighting systems, these differences can add up to significant savings.

When you work with NightVision Outdoor Lighting, LED lamps for commercial landscape lighting become an even better investment. We do a lot of landscape lighting, so we buy everything in bulk. That allows us to get great discounts, which we pass on to you, the customer. In many cases, you can save as much as 30% on installation versus purchasing fixtures and lamps yourself.

Best Fixtures for Commercial Properties

There is some dispute as to which are the best fixtures for commercial landscape lighting. Ultimately, it depends on the specific application. Every project is unique, and we design each project to match the particular needs of the customer. With that said, there are some fixtures that are especially useful in commercial landscape lighting.

The most common fixture for commercial landscape lighting is the floodlight. It can produce a wide-angle light that covers a large area. For both security and aesthetics, floodlights are a great value.

Another type of fixture that works great for commercial landscape lighting is well-lights. Well-lights can be installed flush with the ground. This makes them hard to damage. Landscapers using lawn mowers and other equipment can’t damage a fixture that is buried into the ground. They also provide great versatility because they can be installed anywhere without creating an obstacle or tripping hazard.

When it comes to illuminating pathways for commercial landscape lighting, the bollard light is king. Bollard lights are sturdy and can provide a lot of light in all directions. They increase the safety of your property and are also a good security light. In addition, the placement of bollards can keep people from moving into parts of your property where you don’t want them.

We know that commercial landscape lighting can be a substantial investment, which is why you really don’t want to work with an inexperienced company. NightVision Outdoor Lighting has been installing commercial landscape lighting for over 15 years. We’ve done thousands of projects, covering everything from small residential jobs to large commercial installations. We’re happy to come to your place of business and discuss your project with you. But we don’t stop with installation. We offer service plans that will keep your lights working for many years to come. So if you’re ready for excellent commercial landscape lighting, give us a call. We’ll get you on the right track to the best lighting for your business.

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