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Deck And Path Lighting

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Outdoor Path Lighting Tips

Path lighting is one of the most common and misunderstood landscape lighting types.

Since most homes have a porch light already built in, path lights are often the apparent place for homeowners to start their landscape lighting adventures.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners dive right in without knowing much about landscape lighting, much less about pathway lighting. Of course, it’s not their fault.

We don’t expect anyone to immediately be an expert on deck and path lighting. That’s what we’re here for.

So here are some tips on deck and path lighting from the experts at NightVision Outdoor Lighting.

The first thing you need to know about path lighting is what not to do.

Please avoid the temptation to install standalone solar path lights. They look like a great option.

They don’t require running any wires; they can be installed by just driving the attached stake into the ground.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Best Ideas For Pathway Lighting

The key to the right path lighting installation lies in opting for a low-voltage system, investing the effort to run a few wires (12-volt lines are a safe bet), and achieving a result that genuinely appeals to you.

Path lighting, primarily serving a functional purpose, ensures visibility on nights, guiding your way to the front door.

However, this doesn’t mean it has to be purely utilitarian; many path lighting fixtures cater to various budgets.

Embrace the process, make it enjoyable, and let your path lights become a means to accentuate your home’s style or even create something entirely new.

Crucial tips:

  1. Resist the urge to install path lights in parallel lines along a walkway.
  2. Remember, you’re crafting landscape lighting, not a runway.
  3. Envision pathway lights as pools of light beckoning you forward along the journey.

Brightness is necessary for visibility, but there’s no need for ultra-bright light as long as the path is discernible.

Allow your path lighting to be a thoughtful and artistic addition to your outdoor space.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas

Deck lighting, much like path lighting, serves a primarily utilitarian purpose. Your deck is a cherished outdoor space for you and your family, offering a haven to unwind. However, its utility is allowed for specific day hours with proper lighting. Deck and path lighting come to the rescue, extending the usability of your deck and yard between sunset and sunrise. Diverse styles characterize good deck lighting, and an ideal approach involves incorporating multiple types to achieve the desired illumination.

Hidden downlighting stands out as a common choice, strategically placed under a soffit or nestled in a tree to illuminate the entire deck effortlessly. An appealing trick with downlighting involves using slightly cooler lights in the 4000K range to replicate the serene glow of moonlight—a captivating ambiance on clear nights. LED strip lighting presents another versatile option for deck lighting, fitting into spaces where traditional lighting might be challenging.

For instance, strip lighting can be discreetly installed along a railing, just beneath the lip, adding a touch of sophistication. Explore unique aesthetics with lighted post caps—specially designed caps for deck railing posts featuring integrated lights. Considering the inclusion of stairs in most decks, step lighting is imperative for safety. An intriguing approach to step lighting is incorporating small lights flush with the vertical part of each step, ensuring a subtle yet effective glow. Alternatively, small downward-facing sconce-type lights along the sheer face of each step offer a distinctive lighting solution for your deck.

Deck And Path Lighting from NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Deck and path lighting is a great way to start out your outdoor lighting plan.

They are both very functional, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. But they also give you a chance to show a little flare.

As we have mentioned about path lighting, there is a lot of room to go wrong. Deck and path lighting is deceptively simple.

What seems obvious actually takes a good bit of skill and subtlety to get right.

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