Q. What are the benefits of LED lights over Halogen lights?

  • LED lights are energy-efficient, providing a savings of 80% in electricity cost.
  • LED lights carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, versus the 1-year warranty of halogen lights. There is no service charge for bulb replacement during warranty coverage, and clients are able to deal with NightVision directly rather than the manufacturer.
  • LED lights allow for a higher level of flexibility of installation and design. In addition, wattage can be easily adjusted after installation.
  • Because of recent technology, LED lights provide the same look and feel to the naked eye as halogen lights.

Q. What sets NightVision apart from the competition?

  • Our company has won the Consumer’s Choice Award every year since 2011 which is the first year the honor was given for outdoor lighting. Therefore, NightVision has been the only outdoor lighting company to win this award.
  • Because we are able to buy our products in bulk, we offer some of the better prices in the industry, saving our customers around 30% on installation costs.
  • Our company has a work crew designated entirely to service, streamlining and expediting the process of after-installation service. In addition, an annual maintenance fee is provided as a service option, allowing clients to save on potential service calls.
  • NightVision offers some of the most innovative lighting designs in the market.
  • Clients are often able to work directly with the owner of NightVision.

Q. Is any of NightVision’s work subcontracted

No. All work – consultation, installation, and service – is done by qualified and trained lighting professionals.

Q. I’m interested in having outdoor landscape lighting installed. What will process be?

After the initial phone call, you can plan to expect a return call within 1-2 business days, and often the same day. NightVision is typically able to set up a consultation appointment within 3 days. During your consultation, your outdoor landscape lighting professional will listen to your priorities, design interests, and budget needs and then work on an outdoor landscape lighting design.* After a contract has been signed, a deposit of 50% of the total cost is due to initiate installation. Installation typically begins within 7-10 days, and often earlier. Final payment is due when the work is complete and the customer is fully satisfied.

(*Demos are available for larger jobs, and upon request).

Q. If I have an issue and I need service, when can I expect my needs to be taken care of?

Though service calls are often made on a logistical basis (calls may be grouped together by their geographic location), you can typically expect your needs to be addressed between 3 days to 1 week, and often much sooner.