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Night Vision Outdoor Lighting is a full service outdoor lighting provider serving the Atlanta Metro Area since 1998.

Range Of Residential, Commercial Services & More

Residential Services

  • Home Accent Lighting
  • Residential Security Lighting
  • Custom Residential Landscape Lighting
  • Deck and Patio Lighting
  • Pool and Water Feature Lighting
  • Safety and Pathway Lighting

Commercial Services

  • Business and Retail Accent Lighting
  • Special Display Lighting
  • Business and Commercial Campus Lighting
  • Security Lighting for Business, Commercial, and Retail
  • Outdoor Deck and Patio Lighting for Restaurants
  • Commercial Landscape Lighting
  • Custom Commercial Lighting Design

Specialty Lighting

  • Unique Lighting for Commercial Properties
  • Colored Lighting Displays
  • Resort-Style Lighting for Homes and Businesses
  • Entertainment Lighting for Outdoor Spaces
  • Signage Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting for Communal Spaces

Residential Lighting

Night Vision Outdoor Lighting has been servicing the Atlanta Metro Area since 1998. In that time, we have installed thousands of lighting systems. Our unique lighting solutions have given new life to countless residential properties. When you work with Night Vision Outdoor Lighting, expert lighting designers and installers will help guide you through the whole process, from the initial consultation to the final maintenance agreement.

Every installation starts with a free, no-obligation consultation. Our designers will listen to your unique needs, desires, and budget and discuss your options. It is always our goal to provide the highest quality product, the very best service, and to do right by our customers. We know that it is important to do your research when you pick a residential outdoor lighting service. We encourage you to take a look at our testimonials to see what previous customers are saying. We are also proud to be a TrustDALE Certified business that performs at the highest levels of trust and reliability.

As part of our residential outdoor lighting installation process, we will help you to determine the best way to highlight and accent your home and property. We have the experience to recommend lighting solutions that will bring out the beauty of your home and your landscaping. Our lighting systems use high-efficiency and super-durable LED lights exclusively. LED gives you the brightest, longest-lasting light at the lowest electricity cost. We also use only top-quality lighting fixtures, so your outdoor lighting system will maintain peak performance for years to come.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance and Repair

Of course, we know that every lighting system needs repairs and upkeep sometimes. That’s why we offer one of the industry’s best maintenance packages. If a light burns out or fixture needs repair or replacement, we will be there for you. We have a team dedicated just to service calls to ensure you get fast, reliable service. We even cover accidental damage. If you dig too deep into your garden and cut a power line, our technicians are standing by to get your system back up and running in no time.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Businesses have unique needs when it comes to outdoor lighting. As a business owner, you need to keep your place of business looking its very best while staying responsibly within budget. That’s why our technicians are trained to create the very best lighting designs for the needs of your business.

Outdoor lighting for retail locations requires a particular approach. We will work with you to determine the best use of outdoor lighting to make your business stand out at night. There is no second chance on a first impression for your business. Whether a customer first sees your business on foot or form a car, that first look will set their expectations before they ever step foot inside. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting understands the importance making your business look great at night. We can make your business shine with custom lighting solutions tailored to the needs of retail businesses

Sometimes you need to light a larger property, such as a campus that includes multiple buildings. For the comfort and safety of the people using your property, high quality lighting cannot be overlooked. Path lighting, step lighting, and security lighting are primary concerns. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting technicians are skilled at creating safe, comfortable spaces that cater to foot traffic without being overpowering. We use specially designed lighting fixtures that reduce glare, light pollution, and light trespass so you can get the light you need without disturbing the neighbors.

Outdoor Lighting for Restaurants

There’s no question that providing an outdoor dining experience increases customer satisfaction. On a pleasant evening, diners and patrons love eating a drink alfresco. For the best experience, patrons need just the right light. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting technicians know how to strike the perfect balance between festive and sophisticated lighting. Your guests will be flocking to your outdoor spaces at night for a unique dining experience. Restaurants rely on repeat business, so creating a pleasing customer experience in crucial.

When the lighting is poorly designed, even the best dishes can seem unpleasant. With excellent lighting design from Night Vision Outdoor Lighting, your guests will enjoy a perfect ambiance with their meal or drinks. From string lights to hidden downlighting, we know how to make your outdoor areas relaxing, festive, romantic, or any other way that suits your business best.

Specialty Outdoor Lighting

Sometimes you need to think outside the box. When a lighting installation needs something different, unique, and exciting, you can rely on the expertise of Night Vision Outdoor Lighting. With over 5,000 projects installed, and counting, we have developed just the right touch to create something as unique as your property or project.

Resort-style lighting is a specialty that can turn your home or business into a nighttime oasis. But it has to be done right. Bad lighting choices from inexperienced lighting designers can ruin an outdoor space. So don’t rely on anyone else. When you need a lighting installation that is as unique as you are, trust Night Vision Outdoor Lighting.

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