Outdoor Path Lighting Tips

Path lighting is usually one of the first types of lighting a homeowner installs. It adds safety and helps define outdoor spaces. But there are also a number of mistakes many homeowners fall into with this seemingly simple lighting feature. Just follow these path lighting tips for an outdoor nightscape that will catch the eye […]

Great Outdoor Room Lighting Tips

One of the best ways to take advantage of beautiful weather is to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in a lovely outdoor room. You can take outdoor room lighting to an entirely new level by adding the right type of exterior lighting. As with lighting an indoor space, lighting an outdoor space can be easy, convenient, […]

The Smart Way To Utilize Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There’s always been a bit of a debate over what is the best way to use landscape lighting. Do you light up the entire yard evenly? Or do you focus on certain areas and features to bring out their natural beauty? There are pros and cons to each approach. However, with new technology in outdoor […]

How Outdoor Lighting Can Increase Home Value

Most homebuyers have already decided whether or not they like a house before they’ve even gone inside. Attractive landscaping is key to selling a house, and that includes quality landscape lighting. Outdoor living spaces are also incredibly desirable to home buyers and will increase your home value and salability. In short, outdoor lighting can increase […]

Tips For Pond And Water Feature Lighting

Planning and keeping a water feature takes a lot of work. It takes a vision to create, lots of preparation to build, and time to maintain. But in the end, it’s all worth it. The soothing sound of a babbling brook, the turning of water, and the serene setting it creates amplify the enjoyment we […]

Understanding Voltage Drop in Low-Voltage Lighting Systems

Low-voltage systems are standard for landscape lighting, but many homeowners don’t understand the underlying electrical issues. If you are planning a low-voltage lighting system, you will need to consider certain properties of the electrical wiring or your system will fail. A key to planning a successful lighting system is understanding voltage drop. Why Voltage Drop […]

What Are the Best Outdoor Lights to Use?

If you are considering purchasing outdoor lighting to enhance your property or perhaps provide additional safety and security, you will need to consider the different types of lights that are available. But what are the best outdoor lights to use? Thanks to advances in technology which include low-power LED lights, motion sensors, solar power, and […]

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Running a business out of a commercial building requires consideration of a variety of factors, including the necessary lighting for company property. Installing commercial outdoor lighting outside your commercial property can play a significant role in lowering the risks associated with your business. The type of business and the property itself will determine the commercial […]

The Do’s And Don’ts of Installing An Outdoor Lighting System

One of the goals of adding outdoor lighting to your home landscape is to create a feeling of continuity between your home and your yard. It bridges the gap between the two important spaces in your home, where many celebrations and memories are experienced! Of course, there are other purposes for installing an outdoor lighting […]

Best Techniques for Lighting the Exterior of a Home

When you think about lighting the exterior of your home, different images may come to mind. There are brightly lit, Vegas-style mansions the shine like a blazing light in the dark of night. Then there are romantic resorts with elegant, subtle lighting that creates a mood without adding much ambient light. And of course everything […]

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