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Landscape Lighting-Residential

Luxurious Outdoors Light Fixtures At Reasonable Price!

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

How Do You Lay Out Landscape Lights?

Creating an exquisite layout for landscape lights is a crucial aspect of enhancing your home’s allure, whether you’re constructing a new residence or revamping an existing one.

The significance lies in the ability of quality landscape lighting to showcase your home’s beauty even after sunset.

Your landscaping efforts deserve to be admired, and effective lighting ensures they don’t fade into darkness.

A substantial part of landscaping revolves around boosting curb appeal – the initial impression your home makes.

This first glance is vital, as it’s formed before guests even step through the door, and like any first impression, it holds lasting significance.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

Determining the right lumens for your outdoor landscape lighting is a common query among homeowners in the Atlanta Metro Area.

The confusion often stems from the absence of a one-size-fits-all rule for lumens, much like the layout of your lighting.

Instead, the optimal lumen count depends on your specific objectives.

It’s crucial to recognize that lumens aren’t the sole factor in residential landscape lighting.

Modern light bulb packages feature two key numbers: lumens and color temperature.

While lumens matter, the ambiance of your light is equally influenced by the color temperature you select.

A popular choice among homeowners is a color temperature of around 3000K.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

High Quality Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Selecting the right fixtures for your residential landscape lighting is a pivotal decision you and our team of experts will make. While it’s tempting to prioritize cost, opting for low-quality fixtures often proves to be a costly mistake in the long run. NightVision Outdoor Lighting exclusively utilizes the highest quality residential landscape lighting fixtures. Bulk purchasing enables us to offer competitive prices, providing our customers approximately 30% in savings on installation costs—an advantage rarely achievable with the DIY approach.

These savings empower you to incorporate superior lights throughout your residential landscape lighting project. There are two primary categories of residential landscape lighting fixtures: those visible and those concealed. In both cases, quality matters. For instance, hidden downlighting in a tree employs an unseen fixture that still benefits from superior glare reduction, preventing unwanted light escape. Conversely, the most prominent fixtures, pathway lights, are visible design elements. Choose fixtures that align with your style and home aesthetics—whether sleek and modern, classic and conservative, or playful and whimsical, the decision is yours.

The Best in Residential Landscape Lighting

With over 15 years of dedicated service, NightVision Outdoor Lighting stands as the epitome of excellence in residential landscape lighting. Our extensive experience, marked by numerous awards and the successful installation of thousands of residential landscape lighting projects, is irreplaceable.

When it comes to illuminating homes, there’s simply no substitute for our expertise. If you’re contemplating residential landscape lighting for your home, why not reach out to us? Experience the NightVision difference with a no-obligation, free consultation right at your doorstep.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you all again for a Beautiful job and your Kindness. Happy our Neighbor Greg referred you to us! Best Company for outdoor accent lighting!!M McDonald

~Melissa McDonald

We chose NightVision to do outdoor lighting for our home and we are very pleased with the results. They use high quality products that stand out from thier competitors. They finished the work in one day.

~ Andre Landers

They did a great job and we’re very clear on both their products and their installation process, which went smoothly and without any surprises — and the finished product looks great!! I would highly recommend NightVision.

~ Jeff Harvey

We had a tremendous experience with NiteLites! From our first meeting with Sean to the installation, we couldn't be happier! The architectural lighting adds character and elegance to our home at night

~ Dylan Rigdon