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Landscape Lighting - Commercial

Transforming Commercial Spaces with Exceptional Outdoor Lighting Solutions.

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Low Voltage Lighting Systems For Commercial Properties

Historically, commercial landscape lighting predominantly operated on high voltage, a standard for business campuses, retail centers, and institutional buildings.

Many of these systems are legacy installations dating back to the initial construction, incorporating robust 120-volt wiring alongside the buildings’ electrical systems.

In contemporary times, there’s a notable transition from 120-volt systems to low-voltage alternatives.

While “commercial grade” wiring may seem sufficient for commercial properties, shifting to low-voltage systems brings specific advantages worth considering.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

LED Accent Lights Outdoors

In the past, home accent lighting predominantly relied on halogen lamps, known for their brightness and energy efficiency.

However, the landscape has evolved with the emergence of LED technology.

Today, LED lamps have become the norm for home accent lighting, offering diverse styles.

With modern LED accent lights, you can choose nearly any color temperature, and the lumens range allows you to fine-tune the desired light output.

Recent technological trends in outdoor LED accent lights have elevated the precision of LED home accent lighting, placing it at the forefront of innovative lighting solutions.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Best Fixtures for Commercial Properties

There is some dispute as to which are the best fixtures for commercial landscape lighting. Ultimately, it depends on the specific application. Every project is unique, and we design each project to match the particular needs of the customer. With that said, there are some fixtures that are especially useful in commercial landscape lighting. The most common fixture for commercial landscape lighting is the floodlight. It can produce a wide-angle light that covers a large area. For both security and aesthetics, floodlights are a great value.

Another type of fixture that works great for commercial landscape lighting is well-lights. Well-lights can be installed flush with the ground. This makes them hard to damage. Landscapers using lawn mowers and other equipment can’t damage a fixture that is buried into the ground. They also provide great versatility because they can be installed anywhere without creating an obstacle or tripping hazard. When it comes to illuminating pathways for commercial landscape lighting, the bollard light is king. Bollard lights are sturdy and can provide a lot of light in all directions. They increase the safety of your property and are also a good security light. In addition, the placement of bollards can keep people from moving into parts of your property where you don’t want them. We know that commercial landscape lighting can be a substantial investment, which is why you really don’t want to work with an inexperienced company. NightVision Outdoor Lighting has been installing commercial landscape lighting for over 15 years. We’ve done thousands of projects, covering everything from small residential jobs to large commercial installations. We’re happy to come to your place of business and discuss your project with you. But we don’t stop with installation. We offer service plans that will keep your lights working for many years to come. So if you’re ready for excellent commercial landscape lighting, give us a call. We’ll get you on the right track to the best lighting for your business.

The Best Commercial Landscape Lightning

Traditionally, high-voltage systems were ubiquitous in business campuses, retail centers, and institutional buildings. Today, we lead the charge toward modernity with a strategic shift to low-voltage systems.

NightVision’s legacy extends beyond mere installations; it encapsulates a commitment to innovation and the creation of captivating nighttime atmospheres for commercial establishments. Choose the best for your business—choose NightVision Outdoor Lighting, where expertise meets the future of commercial landscape lighting.

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Thank you all again for a Beautiful job and your Kindness. Happy our Neighbor Greg referred you to us! Best Company for outdoor accent lighting!!M McDonald

~Melissa McDonald

We chose NightVision to do outdoor lighting for our home and we are very pleased with the results. They use high quality products that stand out from thier competitors. They finished the work in one day.

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They did a great job and we’re very clear on both their products and their installation process, which went smoothly and without any surprises — and the finished product looks great!! I would highly recommend NightVision.

~ Jeff Harvey

We had a tremendous experience with NiteLites! From our first meeting with Sean to the installation, we couldn't be happier! The architectural lighting adds character and elegance to our home at night

~ Dylan Rigdon