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Accent Lighting Ideas

When it comes to superior home accent lighting in Atlanta, nothing beats the look of NightVision Outdoor Lighting installations. We’ve done over 5,000 installations and with that experience comes a great sense of what works. Whether this is your first installation or you’re updating an existing system, we can help you design the best home accent lighting in the industry.

The key to great-looking home accent lighting is creating variety while maintaining an overall unity of design. Think of your home and your property as a blank canvas. On that canvas, you want to “paint” in some background, midground, and foreground. By using a variety of fixtures, you can paint a beautiful picture that has depth and interest.

To start, it is always good to lay down a background. In the case of home accent lighting, that means creating a soft glow to cover the facade of your home. With some broad-angled floodlights, you can wash the facade of your home in a soft light that prevents any harsh shadows.

Once you have that background, it is time to start painting some interesting midground and foreground. Use bullet lights to illuminate individual aspects of your home. For instance, you might want to accentuate pillars, dormers, or any unique architectural features that make your home stand out.

With your home accent lighting providing a beautiful background and midground, you can start thinking about your foreground. Often this may take the form of pathway lighting. Pathway lighting brings your home accent lighting forward from the structure of your home out toward the street. Lighting unique trees, yard art, or other features in front of your home can also pull your lighting scheme forward into the foreground.

LED Accent Lights Outdoors

There was a time when most home accent lighting was done with halogen lamps. They provided a lot of light and were the most energy-efficient option. With the recent advances in LED technology, all of that has changed. Today, most home accent lighting is done with LED lamps. Modern LED accent lights are available in a broad range of styles. You can pick almost any color temperature you like. LED lights also offer a variety of lumens so you can decide precisely how much light output you want.

Recent tech trends for LED accent lights outdoors have brought the precision of LED home accent lighting to the fore. New lamps offer the ability to remotely control and adjust the light temperature and luminosity of your lamps. Some installations use a dedicated remote control. Others can even be controlled from an app on your smartphone. These highly adjustable lamps give you the power to change and adjust your lighting even after it is installed. They also allow you to create the perfect home accent lighting solution as the seasons change.

Accent Lighting Fixtures

Home accent lighting comprises two main pieces of equipment, the lamp and the fixture. The lamp is simply the technical term for a bulb. The fixture is the housing that is fixed in the ground, on a tree, or on another structure. It holds the lamp in place and has a significant influence on the light that is projected from the lamp.

Fixtures have several essential features. First, there is the angle of the light. Even with the same lamp, different fixtures will spread light differently. Floodlighting fixtures, also called wash lighting fixtures, offer the widest angle light. They are meant to cover a large area with a soft glow. On the opposite end of the spectrum, bullet light fixtures direct a narrow beam of light to accentuate a particular feature.

Other important fixtures include well-lights and downlights. Well-lights are sunk into the ground, either partially or completely. They allow for uplighting without a visible fixture. Downlights are usually placed high up on a part of the home for home accent lighting or in trees for landscape lighting. They are often designed with a glare shield to keep light from escaping upward or sideways. This minimizes light pollution and light trespass.

Another very significant category of home accent lighting fixtures is pathway lights. These almost deserve their own whole article. With many types of fixtures, the goal is to show the light but not the fixture. Pathway lighting fixtures are a significant exception to that rule. The fixtures you use for pathway lighting are often a major design choice. They can be modern, traditional, whimsical, or abstract. How you light your pathways says as much about your personal style as it does about your home accent lighting needs.

The Best in Home Accent Lighting

If you want to install the very best in home accent lighting, you will need a designer and installer with experience. While every property is unique, there is no substitute for experience. After installing thousands of home accent lighting projects in the Atlanta Metro Area, NightVision Outdoor Lighting has seen almost everything. Our installers have a natural intuition for what will work and what will bring out the beauty of your home. So if you’re ready for excellent home accent lighting, it’s time to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting for your free, no-obligation consultation. Don’t wait. Get great home accent lighting today!

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