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External Lighting-Residential

Unleashing the Beauty of Residential Spaces with Extraordinary External Lighting.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Patio Lighting

The patio takes center stage among the crucial areas for residential exterior lighting. Transforming your patio into an additional living space, proper lighting is paramount to reclaiming this area during the evening hours.

A deck serves as a haven for relaxation—a space for you and your family to unwind, host barbeques with loved ones, and even enjoy the warmth of a fire pit during winter nights.

A well-lit patio facilitates year-round enjoyment, whether it’s the joy of spring, the vibrancy of fall, or the cozy winter ambiance.
Choosing the right fixtures for patio lighting offers a myriad of options.

While many patios come equipped with some form of porch light, expanding the illumination is essential for a fully functional and inviting space.

Adequate residential exterior lighting not only enhances the practicality of your patio but also sets the stage for creating memorable moments with family and friends, regardless of the season.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Wall Lighting

The significance of outdoor wall lighting must be in residential exterior lighting.

While we often delve into sophisticated lighting techniques such as downlighting, uplighting, well-lights, and meticulously planned bullet lights, the enduring appeal of traditional outdoor wall lighting remains unrivaled.

Its intentional visibility sets outdoor wall lighting apart—it’s designed to be seen.

This distinct feature allows you to leverage residential outdoor lighting fixtures as more than just functional elements; they become integral design features.

The key lies in choosing outdoor wall lighting styles that harmonize with your home’s architecture.

For a classic cottage-style residence with a stone exterior and prominent wooden features, opt for timeless outdoor wall lights with a slightly historic touch, such as wrought iron.

Conversely, explore an array of contemporary designs for a sleek and modern home to integrate with your aesthetic seamlessly.

Residential exterior lighting, mainly through outdoor wall fixtures, offers a splendid opportunity to accentuate and enhance your home’s unique style, making it a visually appealing and welcoming space.

- NightVision Outdoor Lighting

The Best Residential Exterior Lighting

NightVision Outdoor Lighting is your trusted expert in residential exterior lighting in the local Atlanta area. With over 15 years of dedicated service and a remarkable portfolio of over 5,000 installed exterior lighting projects, our expertise is unparalleled, making us a beacon for top-tier residential exterior lighting in the Southeast and beyond. Choosing NightVision Outdoor Lighting guarantees you benefit from our extensive experience and unwavering expertise.

Each project commences with a free, no-obligation consultation, allowing us to assess your property and discuss your needs, budget constraints, and personal style preferences. Once ready, we collaborate with you to craft a tailored residential exterior lighting plan that enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Post-installation, our service plans ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your residential exterior lighting for many years. Trust NightVision Outdoor Lighting for an illuminating experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Best Residential Exterior Lighting

Discover the pinnacle of excellence in residential exterior lighting with NightVision Outdoor Lighting, your local expert serving the Atlanta area. With a robust presence in the industry for over 15 years and a remarkable track record of over 5,000 successfully installed exterior lighting projects, NightVision stands as a beacon of expertise. Our extensive experience positions us as a leader in providing some of the finest residential exterior lighting in the Southeast and beyond.

When you choose NightVision Outdoor Lighting, you’re choosing unparalleled skill, dedication, and a commitment to transforming your outdoor space into a brilliantly illuminated haven.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you all again for a Beautiful job and your Kindness. Happy our Neighbor Greg referred you to us! Best Company for outdoor accent lighting!!M McDonald

~Melissa McDonald

We chose NightVision to do outdoor lighting for our home and we are very pleased with the results. They use high quality products that stand out from thier competitors. They finished the work in one day.

~ Andre Landers

They did a great job and we’re very clear on both their products and their installation process, which went smoothly and without any surprises — and the finished product looks great!! I would highly recommend NightVision.

~ Jeff Harvey

We had a tremendous experience with NiteLites! From our first meeting with Sean to the installation, we couldn't be happier! The architectural lighting adds character and elegance to our home at night

~ Dylan Rigdon