Fall Landscape Lighting Ideas for Atlanta Georgia Residents

The fall is a beautiful time of the year, particularly for those lucky enough to live in Atlanta. Autumn brings a changing of the seasons, leaves turning colors, and a cooler breeze that reminds residents of the upcoming holidays.

You can augment that feeling by adding the right landscape lighting to your property. What makes landscape lighting so effective is its combination of low cost and high impact which can really transform your home and property.

What Is Landscape Lighting?

This is lighting which is purely designed to highlight your property in order to enhance its overall appearance. While you may have installed lights for security to prevent intruders from coming into your home or safety to keep people on the sidewalk, driveway, or steps, lighting up the landscape is strictly for making your home and yard look more appealing.

Because the seasons change, so does the color of your property, so having the right lighting can really make the difference. This is particularly true in the fall where the crisp air can really bring out the best in your yard.

5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Fall

Here are five simple, inexpensive, yet very effective ideas that you can use for the fall and even the upcoming winter months.

Highlight One Object: Talk about simple, choose a particular object or decoration and illuminate it with a single light. For those who love holidays, it can be a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas decoration that is properly lit. Plus, you can use a small, inexpensive solar-powered light that requires no electrical wires.

Add Color: With the changing season comes changing colors and you can highlight your lawn with lights that have appropriate fall colors. You do not need to overpower, but instead provide just a hint that will compliment your yard during this time of the year.

Cool Blue: A great color to add is cool blue which augments the night and provides a marvelous glow to your property. You can opt for widespread lighting or better yet highlight a single area such as a patio, bench, or object. In any case, the cool blue adds both beauty and mystery to the night.

Moonlight: One of the more interesting landscape lighting ideas is to put lights high up in the trees which simulate the effect of moonlighting. By placing lights in taller trees, you get the effect that they are lit up by the moon which is perfect for the fall to really highlight the colors of the leaves. It even works well in the spring and summer months.

Add Shadows: With Halloween being a very popular holiday, you can add outdoor lighting that casts shadows on your home for a beautiful, if eerie effect when trick-or-treaters come to your door. In addition, using the shadows of trees, bushes, or plants only adds to the beauty of your property.

Proper landscape lighting for the fall will compliment your yard, garden, or patio that is eye-catching and will definitely be the source of conversation for family and friends who visit your home.