How To Get The Best Value In Outdoor Lighting?

Receiving the best value in outdoor lighting starts here:

For those who are considering adding outdoor lighting to their home and surrounding property, the good news is that thanks to advancing technology it is more affordable than ever. The evolution of motion sensors, solar power, and most importantly Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology means that outdoor lighting is not only inexpensive to purchase, it is also easy on your electricity bill as well.

However, to get the best value out of your outdoor lighting, you will need to focus on the aspects that provide you with solid, long-lasting lighting that properly illuminates your property.


The first question you will want to ask in terms of getting the most value is what is the purpose of putting outdoor lights around your property? The good news is that there are three basic reasons for adding this type of lighting to your home and landscape

  • Illumination: Lighting up areas of your home, landscape, garden, and other selected areas
  • Safety: To show the edges of steps, decks, pools, driveways, sidewalks, and so forth
  • Security: Usually motion-sensor lights that protect vulnerable areas of your home

Naturally, some of the lighting will have an overlapping function, but you should be clear on why you are purchasing it for your property.

Set Up

Next, you will need to scout out the right areas to set up your outdoor lighting. This means that if you want to highlight the landscape, garden, or a particular tree or shrub, finding the right location.

For those interested in illuminating steps, sidewalks, driveway, and similar areas to improve the safety, then its marketing the locations along the edge for LED lighting. A series of small LEDs will provide a perfect outline at night so you can find your way safely into the home.

To better secure your property, go out at night and look at the windows and entranceways that may be vulnerable to entry. A few motion sensors, solar power lights in those areas will do wonders to ward off intruders. You may want to consult with the outdoor lighting company if they offer installation to see where is the best, most efficient location for your lighting needs.

Energy Savings

LED: One way to get the most out of the value is choosing lights and light systems that are the most energy efficient. Using LED lights is an excellent way to start since they are very durable, resilient, and relatively inexpensive. With ratings of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, it’s quite possible that the LEDs will last longer than you live in your home.

Solar Power: Thanks to the advances in solar cells and battery storage, this type of light system works quite well for those who want to save money. No electrical lines or conduit needs to be installed, the lights simply need to be set up where the solar panel can receive the sunshine to power up the battery which runs the light at night.

In the end, you can get the most value out of your outdoor lighting by selecting exactly what you need and using products that last a very long time. All it takes is a little research, but the end result is getting the best value for your investment.

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