Outdoor Restaurant And Hotel Outdoor Lighting Systems

Outdoor restaurant and hotel outdoor lighting systems are often bland, and frequently fail to adequately illuminate parking areas, pathways, gates, entrances and exits.

There is also the safety aspect to consider.

Badly lit external public areas can conceal tripping hazards that could conceivably lead to injury claims.

There is an easy solution to this.

Why Outdoor Lighting Systems?

Commercial premises such as hotels and restaurants cannot take chances with hazards in the area around their premises – even ‘Beware’ signs are unacceptable in many countries, states or regions.

Even if this does not apply to you, you can save a lot of trouble by providing adequate lighting in your car parks, pathways and entrances.

This is what we at Nigh Vision offer.

We can light up all of these areas where it is appropriate to do so.

You can find many companies online that will offer to do this, but few of these have our expertise in landscape lighting.

We are also well known for our accent lighting.

We can meet even the most exacting requirements of our clients in and around Georgia.

Here are some of the services with which we excel and that you will never regret using.

Illuminate Your Premises

First your premises – the building itself – the structure of your hotel, motel or restaurant.

You don’t want people hunting for you in the dark.

You should have it lit up so it’s visible for literally miles – without upsetting the neighbors!

If your business is being run in an old traditional building, with stone walls and traditional windows, then we can illuminate these walls and highlight the windows with light.

You can go for normal white light or use light of many different colors.

Outdoor Lighting Systems

Maybe red, green or blue light highlighting the windows and main entrance door, and normal white light illuminating the walls of the building.

They need not be over-bright, and often a softer level of light works best with such types of business.

Discuss it with us and together we are sure to come up with an ideal lighting solution for you.

You want illumination, but you also want to persuade people driving by that this would be a place worth stopping at for dinner or even a bed for the night.

Make your hotel or restaurant easy to find by using landscape and accent lighting.

Accent Lighting: Highlight Your Entrances and Pathways

You can use a combination of landscape lighting and accent lighting to highlight the entrance to your premises and also to display the driveways and footpaths leading to it.

Accent lighting can be used to indicate entrances and exits.

Perhaps green for entrances and red for exits.

When most see red light playing on a gate, they will know they cannot enter there.

The same with green.

You can use red accent lighting at the hotel exit side of a gate or barrier and green light road side. Vice versa for exits: green hotel side and red road side.

It is easy to make sure nobody should stray off the designated pathways and driveways.

You can use small lights set into the side of the roads or paths.

Green to driver’s side and red the other side to avoid collisions with oncoming vehicles.

For pathways, white lights to each side and occasional landscaping spotlights will make sure that a) nobody strays off the path, and b) they can see any fallen branches or other trip hazards.

Imaginative Hotel Outdoor Lighting

Imaginative hotel outdoor lighting does more than just makes your motel restaurant or hotel look good.

You can use it any way you want.

You can illuminate the general grounds or spotlight specific features using accent lighting.

If you have a statue or fountain, then we can set up a lighting system to show these features in the best possible way.

The same with fish ponds: soft blue or green lighting can convert an ordinary fish pond into a thing of beauty.

Landscape lighting on children’s play areas can make these safe even after dark.

Parents like talking time or to relax with a coffee after a meal.

The kids can be playing outside in an area lit up like daylight.

It is even possible to set up CCTV cameras so parents can keep an eye on their offspring.

Some country restaurants already use such a system.

Imaginative Use of Outdoor Lighting

Use your imagination. If you are stuck for ideas on how to create imaginative hotel outdoor lighting then we can give you a few ideas.

The benefit there is that what we suggest is what we are able to provide.

It is likely already working successfully elsewhere.

A country restaurant, hotel or motel should make a statement.

It should say “Here We Are!” and once visitors get to it they should not be disappointed.

A well-lit building, with beautifully lit entrances, clearly delineated drives and pathways, will raise expectations of excellence.

It is up to you not to disappoint them!

Contact Nigh Vision Outdoor Lighting to learn more about our commercial outdoor lighting options!


Outdoor restaurant and hotel lighting systems often fall short in effectively illuminating critical areas such as parking lots, pathways, entrances, and exits.

Neglecting proper outdoor lighting not only hampers aesthetics but also poses safety risks due to hidden hazards.

However, there’s a straightforward solution at hand.


Outdoor Lighting Systems

Why are outdoor lighting systems essential for commercial establishments?

Commercial places like hotels and restaurants cannot afford hazards around their premises. Proper lighting ensures safety and a positive impression on customers.

What are the risks of inadequately lit public areas?

Poorly lit areas can hide potential tripping hazards, leading to accidents and potential injury claims.

What’s the importance of proper lighting for car parks and pathways?

Proper lighting in car parks and pathways enhances safety, visibility, and accessibility for visitors.

Why choose Night Vision for outdoor lighting solutions?

Night Vision offers expertise in landscape lighting and accent lighting, catering to even the most specific requirements.

What areas can NightVision illuminate?

Night Vision excels in illuminating building structures, entrances, pathways, and other exterior features.

Can traditional buildings benefit from outdoor lighting?

Yes, Night Vision can enhance the beauty of traditional buildings with both white and colored lighting options.

How can landscape and accent lighting make a difference?

Landscape and accent lighting help businesses stand out, making entrances, driveways, and features more noticeable.

What’s the significance of accent lighting for entrances and exits?

Accent lighting using colors like green and red can differentiate entrances from exits and enhance safety.

How can lighting prevent straying off pathways?

Straying off pathways can be prevented with lights set into roads or paths, directing traffic and pedestrians.

How does imaginative outdoor lighting benefit hotels and restaurants?

Imaginative lighting not only enhances aesthetics but also offers safety, ambiance, and spotlighting for specific features.

Can outdoor lighting be used creatively for specific features?

Yes, lighting can highlight statues, fountains, fish ponds, and play areas, elevating their beauty and functionality.

Why is making a statement crucial for country establishments?

Country establishments should create a lasting impression. Well-lit exteriors with delineated features set high expectations for visitors.