Atlanta Commercial Landscape Lighting – Tip & Tricks

There are many considerations when installing commercial landscape lighting in Atlanta. Businesses are competitive, so you need to optimize your lighting. Careful planning before installing commercial landscape lighting is the key to successful design. Business owners should think about what they would like the primary focus of the lighting to be. They should also consider the desired styling options to create the look that is most appealing to customers. For instance, some businesses prefer to emphasize a building’s architecture. Others prefer to focus on signage, perhaps highlighting a logo or a brand name. Still other companies prefer a more natural look, placing the focus on trees or gardens.

Well-Placed Lighting

Nothing is as effective as well-placed commercial landscape lighting. It can draw attention to a business in all the right ways. Lighting should be eye-catching, energy and cost efficient, and should provide safety and security where necessary. LED is the most energy-efficient type of commercial lighting these days. However, other lighting types can still be efficient if you use fewer lights directed precisely at their desired focal points.

Georgia businesses considering landscape lighting should consult with a qualified professional landscape lighting service. NightVision is a local Atlanta company with the experience and expertise to design the perfect lighting solutions for any business. Since 1997, NightVision has gained an excellent reputation for providing expert commercial landscape lighting. We offer many lighting options and outstanding customer service. We were even awarded the Customer’s Choice award for three straight years!

Atlanta Commercial Landscape Lighting [infographic]

Custom Lighting Design

No two commercial landscape lighting projects are exactly the same because no two businesses have exactly the same needs. So it’s crucial to call in expert lighting designers to assess each situation. We’ll come up with the best and most practical lighting design for your unique business. It is important to use durable, technologically-sound lighting products for your Atlanta or North Georgia commercial lighting project. NightVision is a well-respected resource for these fixtures at prices that businesses on a budget can afford.

Business owners can transform their businesses into memorable showplaces. You just need the right combination of landscape lighting options. Strategically placed, high-performance light fixtures can highlight and illuminate specific areas of a business. It can also draw attention away from undesirable aspects of your building or property. Lighting can be instrumental in improving safety for walkways and other areas surrounding a business.

Business After Dark

When doing business after dark, a well-lit parking lot or garage can make a huge difference. Customers will feel an overall sense of security. A beautifully illuminated walkway can lead customers toward an entryway better than any signage by increasing visibility, creating an immediate positive impression. Well-designed commercial landscape lighting can help increase foot traffic and revenue.

NightVision offers free consultations to get the best, most economical commercial landscape lighting solutions possible.