Reasons To Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting

You have a beautiful yard, and you should be proud of it. Not only that but as we swing into summer, everyone loves to spend more time outdoors. But without outdoor lighting, nobody will be able to see or enjoy your outdoor living space after the sun goes down. Just as the day starts to cool off, it’s time to head indoors. So when you install outdoor landscape lighting, you have a lot to gain. Outdoor landscape lighting is a smart home improvement project that will add value, beauty, and a sense of security to your home. And when you work with Night Vision to install a top-notch system, you can enjoy these benefits for years to come.

Best Reasons to Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting Around Your Home [infographic]

Highlight Landscape Features

As a homeowner, you care about your home and how it looks, inside and out. That’s why you spent time and money getting your outdoor landscaping just right. And it looks great during the daytime. But what happens when the sun goes down? Does your prized landscaping just fade into the night? If you answered yes, then you need outdoor landscape lighting.

When you install outdoor landscape lighting, you can also highlight those same landscaping features at night. Not only that, but you can bring them to life in a way you never knew was possible. Sometimes there are features of your landscape that only become apparent through just the right interplay of light and shadow.

Bring Water Features to Life

Water features like waterfalls, streams, and ponds can really pop with landscape lighting. Water does great things when it’s lit just right. And when you install lights underwater, you can turn a pool of water into a glowing pool of light. By using a variety of water lighting techniques, your yard can truly become a work of art.

Add Unique Accents When You Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting

When you install outdoor landscape lighting, you can create highlights that weren’t there in the sunlight. For instance, you can illuminate a path to direct people’s feet and eyes along a walkway that may be unremarkable during the day. You can light up your deck with decorative lighting that outlines the space and creates new shapes out of your home. Light up a tree from below, above, or behind to create all sorts of unique shadows that bring texture and motion into your nighttime landscape. Or just add accent lighting to your house to highlight the shapes, textures, and unique architectural flares of your home. Highlight just one area of your yard, or the entire thing. The choice is yours.

Add Security

Outdoor lighting also provides a measure of comfort and a feeling of security for homeowners.

Everyone should be able to feel safe and secure both inside their own homes and in their outdoor living spaces. An outdoor area that is dark and full of shadows can make many homeowners feel uncomfortable. You may be a little old to be scared of the dark, but deep shadows around your home can be seriously scary. Whether you are worried about animal or human intruders, or just don’t like not knowing what’s out there, a little light can make you feel much better.

Have you ever walked around your neighborhood at night only to be suddenly blasted by a motion-activated floodlight on a neighbor’s garage? Fortunately, there is no need to rely on harsh garage floodlights for security purposes. They can be a part of your overall security system, but if you want to be more subtle, there are lots of potions. You can get the same sense of security from beautiful exterior lighting and landscape lighting that make it impossible to approach your home unseen. Having a well-lit yard will help keep uninvited visitors away, so you’ll feel safer in your home and in your yard.

Installing outdoor lighting also means that you can safely entertain in your outdoor spaces. Don’t worry about moving inside as it gets dark. Instead, you can move around and see what you’re doing just as easily as if you shifted the party indoors.

Add Value

Like other home improvement projects, installing quality exterior lighting and landscape lighting can add to the value of your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits whether you intend to stay in your current home for the short-term or for a more extended period. You can get both enjoyment value and resale value when you install outdoor landscape lighting.

In addition, the LED lighting Night Vision installs is energy efficient. That provides a savings of up to 80% over traditional lighting. LED lights also allow for flexibility in design and installation. If you change your mind and want to take your lighting in a different direction at a later date, no problem! LED lighting can be adjusted much more easily than more traditional exterior lighting options.

You don’t need to have an enormous yard to do great things with it. Installing exterior lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of any yard, helping you extend and enjoy more of your living space.

To learn more about the many options available for your own exterior lighting projects, contact Night Vision today. Our outdoor lighting experts will work with you to design landscape and outdoor lighting that meets both your dreams for your yard and your budget.