Creating Ambiance In Your Yard With Outdoor String Lighting

Strings lights have become synonymous with both indoor and outdoor holiday lighting, however, many aren’t aware that they are now becoming a favorite fixture for use in permanent installations as well.

Both homeowners and business owners, alike, are always looking for unique and effective ways to increase the ambiance of their properties — and, as Atlanta’s premier source for outdoor lighting (residential and commercial) we know a thing or two about what our customers want — which makes string lighting one of the ideal methods to achieve this goal.

What Is String Lighting?

Keep in mind, we aren’t referring to the string lights you can purchase at any box store during the holiday season.

These professional-grade, high quality lights are designed to be outdoors and to withstand the elements for years to come. When you hold these particular lights in your hand, you’ll be able to feel the difference, as they’re heavy and are in need of a strong cord to hold them all together.

Design, Install And Maintain

At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we design, install and also maintain professional-grade/custom outdoor and landscape lighting systems. Our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance to us, which means we ask a lot of questions before the design process; questions such as: “what is this customer trying to achieve with outdoor lighting?”. If the answer is creating a gorgeous and relaxing outdoor space in order to enjoy their backyard, then string lights may be of interest.

For example: for a backyard with a wide open spaced patio — with surrounding porches in need of highlighting — we would install path lights that would surround the patio, as opposed to simply spotlighting it. Instead, we would opt to add invoke both a romantic and whimsical ambiance with high quality string lights.

Multiple strands of LED string lights could be hung from the porch eaves to a visually breathtaking outdoor fireplace. Not only would this provide incredible visual appeal, but the lighting would provide enough illumination to light the entirety of the space below the patio.

String Lighting for Commercial Properties

While string lighting works perfectly for residential properties, this doesn’t limit them to be used solely as a way to illuminate the outside of your home. They also function beautifully for some hospitality and commercial lighting projects as well.

Whether they’re being used as a unique way to light a mall entrance, or a grand outdoor space at a hotel, string lighting is the way to go. They even work for industrial buildings, which could warrant string lights outside to make the entirety of the space feel significantly more inviting for any/all passersby at night.

If you’re interested in string lighting or any other outdoor lighting application, please contact us today for a free estimate. We’ll work with you to design the most ideal system with your needs, personal style and budget in mind.

We hope you’re enjoying our ‘Bright Ideas’ blog. To learn how NightVision Outdoor Lighting can enhance your next outdoor lighting project, visit our Projects page; or, to see what our customers are raving about, visit our Testimonials page. For a free estimate, give us a call today at (678)-828-2999!