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Around the country, more homeowners are investing in exterior lighting. There are many reasons why interest in residential exterior lighting has had such a surge in popularity. One factor is that thanks to recent advances in technology, purchasing exterior lights is easier and cheaper than ever. The revolution in residential LED lighting has brought with it a revolution in residential outdoor lighting. More options are available than ever before, and LED lights make outdoor lighting more versatile and affordable. Many people are taking advantage of the low prices and easy set up by purchasing individual lights to illuminate specific areas of their property. Homeowners looking for the biggest bang for their buck are hiring lighting designers to design entire outdoor lighting systems. Whichever way you, now is the time to start enjoying the benefits of exterior lighting.

There are three primary benefits for people who purchase exterior lights. The first benefit is added security. Lit-up homes turn away potential intruders and are harder to approach unseen. The second benefit is that additional lighting improves the appearance of the property. The third benefit is increased safety for residents and guests who arrive after dark.

Benefits of Exterior Lighting [infographic]

Benefits of Exterior Lighting for Safety

Residential exterior lighting offers several benefits to people arriving at your home after dark or simply stepping outside at night.

Greater Illumination

The overall better illumination provided by lighting up your landscape and home enhances your entire property. It also helps with personal safety, because you can see more of the property itself. The added visibility can be quite useful for navigating your property. It also provides security to know that no one can hide unseen in the shadows.

Highlighting Trouble Spots

Many properties have little trouble areas that become problematic at night. These hard-to-see spots can be walkways that turn sharply, dips in the landscape, or areas near the driveway where the edge may not be fully visible. Any area where you cannot fully see what is in front of you invites accidents. By highlighting these areas, you can help avoid accidents and injuries.

More Confidence

It may seem a bit strange that you gain confidence from having good exterior lighting. But the truth is that you feel better knowing what is underneath your feet when walking around your property at night. And it’s not just small children who are afraid of the dark. If you’ve ever walked around a deserted city block or empty parking lot late at night, you know how nervous it can make you. Not knowing what or who could be hiding in the shadows is unnerving. It could also pose a real danger. So lighting up your property and doing away with some of those dark patches can help with your confidence and your safety.


The first step is an honest evaluation of the areas around your home that need more illumination. Accidents may be few and far between. But all it takes is someone getting hurt on your property to learn why you need better lighting. If you’re unsure of the financial benefits, consider the cost of footing the bill for someone’s preventable injury on your property.

Dealing With Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious issue in many areas, from big cities to semi-rural suburbs. Many communities have local laws and ordinances that prevent residents from using too much light on their property at night. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting is committed to reducing light pollution and light trespass. We can help you select the right type of lighting and the most appropriate fixtures to keep light where you want it.

Consult with Professionals

If you want the full benefits of exterior lighting, your next move should be to consult with the professionals. A professional lighting designer like Night Vision can help you plan the best setup for your needs. Working with a lighting expert, you can determine where the lighting will be located and how it can be most effectively employed. The goal is to have the right exterior lighting design that addresses your safety and design concerns and also stays within your budget. The good news is that providing additional light for the exterior of your property not only enhances safety; it also provides peace of mind.

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