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A lack of exterior lighting can actually be inviting. Unfortunately, a dark landscape and home exterior might be inviting the wrong crowd.

In addition to the numerous aesthetic benefits, outdoor lighting is one of the simplest ways to bulk up security for a home and property. We specialize in creating attractive, multi-functioning exterior light schemes that perfectly frame a home’s exterior.

Your home is your castle; at NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we work with our clients to put that extra shine on their home life.

Enhancing Security

As mentioned previously, security experts espouse having a well-lit home and property as being one of the most important safety measures one can take.

Unsavory types and crooks tend to seek out dark homes that appear as if no one is home; unfortunately, a dark house doesn’t necessarily mean that a home is unoccupied.

Our custom tailored light plans light all important areas to prevent dark blind spots or allow for individuals to use the cover of night to get a closer look at the home.

Security oriented lighting doesn’t have to involve the use of generic, blinding lights or motion activated lighting. Even attractive ambient lighting can provide security benefits.

Decreasing The Chances Of Slipping & Falling

Proper exterior lighting also helps frame steps and walkways to prevent slips and falls, allowing for safe and worry free access to the home during late nights. A well-lit home and yard discourages nuisance wildlife as well.

Premier aesthetics are the basis for all of our home lighting projects. Different areas of the home and yard often require unique lighting choices to properly accentuate them.

Dimmable accent lighting is perfect for high use outdoor areas like patios, outdoor grille and kitchen areas, pools, and decks.

Warm lighting creates an inviting atmosphere for outdoor dining and social events while providing the proper brightness for common activities.

Exterior Lighting Variety

Homeowners have an incredible variety of lighting options to fit their needs, including a wealth of colors, energy efficient LEDs, portable fixtures, and much more.

Solar powered lights are an excellent choice to line driveways and walkways; their portability makes using them easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Using lights to display gardens, trees, and other plantings at night is another popular choice. With all the hard work that goes into maintaining attractive landscapes, why not enjoy them at night as well?

Staying Ahead Of The Curve


Lighting technology is developing at a rapid pace, offering unprecedented design choices and ease of use. In-home and portable lighting controllers give homeowners total control of the outdoor lighting style, ability to turn lights on and off from a distance, dim lights, set timers, and more.

The latest in LED lighting technology is particularly notable; LED lights are incredibly energy efficient, have longer lasting bulbs, and can be exceptionally bright if desired.

A beautiful, high functioning outdoor light plan creates an attractive and inviting atmosphere. Lighting is not only an artistic endeavor; it helps provide safety and peace of mind.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we encourage our clients to think big. We use the latest technology and vast selection of lighting options to custom tailor a light plan to our clients’ home and outdoor areas. The spectacular results are something that needs to be seen in person.

Contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today to discuss an outdoor lighting design for your home or office.