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Most (if not all) homeowners in Atlanta want to increase the value of their home, not only for visual purposes, but for the future as well, just in case they decide to put their home on the market some day.

According to many recent studies, from real estate industry insiders, installing certain lighting trends is a proven way to increase the worth of a house while making it significantly more eye-catching to potential buyers.

These lighting trends use safe and eco-friendly low voltage outdoor lighting solutions, which is rapidly becoming the favorite alternative to conventional options. Here’s why:

Low-Voltage Deck Lighting

While these trendy low-voltage lighting fixtures are great for anywhere outside your home, there are some key areas of the home that work the best. One of these prime locations is the deck.

Atlanta homes with spacious decks will benefit from being properly lit, considering certain lights will enhance the visual appeal of the natural wood deck. Homeowners who opt to go this route should look into installing low-voltage lighting systems that are safer for outdoor use as well as being durable during bad weather.

Recessed Deck Lighting

Beyond the standard deck lighting, there’s a few more creative deck lighting options, including recessed deck lighting. While they typically cost more money, recessed light fixtures will add significant value to a home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Recessed deck lighting is made from durable plastic and won’t obstruct anyone’s path as they subtly illuminate walkways from wherever you choose to install them onto steps or the ground.

You may also find a use for deck post cap lighting on top of railing posts as these add a decorative touch during the daytime while simultaneously providing a romantic glow when they are turned on at night. You can combine these with post lighting that illuminates the bottom portion of your deck posts (either mounted on or recessed into the post itself) to give them a more striking appearance.

Deck Lantern Lighting

Lanterns are another option of low-voltage lighting that has the ability to make a house more attractive, especially to potential buyers. Lanterns are a suitable choice when it comes to covered decks, seeing as they can be hung from the ceiling as opposed to using unappealing plastic patio lights. What’s more, lantern light fixtures are available in a wide range of styles, including small LED lights and designer stainless steel.

Keep in mind, deck lights should be installed by a professional outdoor lighting company in Atlanta who specializes in low-voltage lighting, as they’ll have the options and experience necessary to get the job done right.
Homeowners should always take their time when it comes to choosing the right company for the job, in order to ensure they get the proper lighting fixtures for their outdoor lighting project at an affordable price. It is best to select products that come from trusted sources like NightVision Outdoor Lighting, which has an impeccable track record for providing quality lighting fixtures and installations in Atlanta.