Improve Home Security With Proper Outdoor Lighting System

Ask any law enforcement officer, and they’re sure to inform you that good home security lighting will help when it comes to deterring crime.  This is because (no surprises) criminals usually don’t want to be easily seen, thus, they choose to hide in the darkness around your property before or after a successful break-in occurs.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to install a significant amount of super-bright security lights around your home and yard, and shine them out in every direction. Here are a few better ways to achieve effective outdoor home security lighting:

Proper Home Security Lighting

Proper home security lighting should always be low-level lighting that your eyes can easily adjust to.  Think about it, if you’re ambushed by bright lights you can easily be blinded for a few moments, which will make it hard to detect something or someone that could be right out in the open.

Beyond blinding you, typical security lighting is also notorious for creating ‘black holes’ or dark pockets in certain areas, which provides a great hiding space for possible burglars or other predators.

Soft Outdoor Lighting

Extreme bright lighting in the darkness is not only a bad idea when it comes to home security lighting, they are also quite visually unappealing and unflattering for any home.  However, safety lighting doesn’t have to be this way.

A much better idea is to blanket your property in soft, even light, which can be reflected off of the side of your house when accenting your home’s architecture.  It can also come from your walkway, which is being illuminated by down or path lighting as well as from fixtures mounted in the trees scattered throughout your yard.

Lower light provides controlled glare as well, which allows your eyes to focus easier and quicker, allowing you to see what is around you much more clearly.

Outdoor Home Security Lighting in Atlanta

Any reputable Atlanta outdoor lighting professional — like NightVision Outdoor Lighting — will take all of these issues into consideration before installing any lighting system on your property.

While, it’s true: landscape lighting looks amazing and can really add to your home’s overall visual appeal, it also serves a real purpose when it comes to deterring any possible burglars or criminals from finding your property attractive. This is achieved by eliminating black holes, and providing the necessary low level lighting that is required to see objects or unwelcome predators much easier at night.
If you are concerned about the safety of your home or outdoor property at night, be sure to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting to see how we can help you add a gorgeous and functional security lighting system to your yard.

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