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Most homeowners assume that the number of lights on their property is a direct correlation with how bright the lighting is.

However, when it comes to lighting your home, more lighting doesn’t necessarily mean it will be brighter. As a matter of fact, the opposite is often true.

The expert designers at NightVision Outdoor Lighting understand that the use of more outdoor lighting fixtures that are more compact and lower in wattage will provide a much more pleasing lighting design for your home.

Keeping Your Home’s Character In Tact With Outdoor Accent Lighting

A homeowner’s first instinct might be to visit their local box store to pick up a few 500 watt floodlights. While doing so might make your house lit and bright, there’s a tendency to lose the character of the home itself, and a tendency to overuse the lighting.

This lighting tends to be flat and harsh and can actually wash out the main features of the home you seek to accent. The unique details in the brick work or aspects of the architecture can be lost.

When a NightVision Outdoor Lighting designer comes in, they provide detailed recommendations on where lighting will be placed and explain that the more lights you have on your home, the greater control you have when it comes to the overall lighting design.

Illuminating Your Home With Multiple Lighting Fixtures

When multiple lighting fixtures are proposed as a way to illuminate your home, a homeowner typically assumes the lighting will be too much.

The exterior lighting designer has to overcome this misconception while explaining to the homeowner how lower levels of lighting will be used at intervals in order to accent the home’s architecture.

Homeowners that want to take care of lighting on their own typically look at sconces that say “no more than 60 watt bulbs” so they’ll get the 60 watt bulbs for all of the sconces without considering different levels of lighting.

NightVision Outdoor Lighting understands that smaller lighting fixtures, placed closer together, enhances features and creates texture. When lighting is installed correctly you won’t even see the source.

Depending on the size of the property, an outdoor lighting designer can distribute these industrial floodlights into 20 or more smaller lights at a lower wattage in order to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Outdoor Lighting Design For Different Types of Architecture

Different architecture takes a different accent or different focus. For instance, when lighting a Victorian home, the designer has to take into consideration the roof lines, ledges, recessed curves and additional ornamentations.

A flat floodlight will either eliminate the view of some of those features or result in strange shadows across other parts of the home, or both. A few well placed lighting fixtures can be added to eliminate shadows and highlight the special features.

On the other hand, the light on a traditional Colonial style house would likely be impeded by ornamentation. For example, a 3,000 square foot Victorian could take more lighting than an 8,000 square foot Colonial.

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