LED Lights Or Halogen Lights? – Best For Landscape Lighting

Which is best for landscape lighting – LED lights or halogen lights? Which of these should you choose if you intend installing a landscape lighting system in your yard, garden, grounds or even in the area around your hotel or country club? Each of these has its own needs, though usually they will be different only in scope and the level of security lighting involved.

Before discussing the pros and cons of lighting efficiency and effectiveness, what is the basic difference between the two? First off, LED lights are more efficient than halogen lights. They offer an 80% saving in costs over halogen lights. That’s because of the way they generate the light, though we shan’t go into the chemistry and physics of lighting here.

Benefits Of LED Lights

First, the warranties that Night Vision offers. LED lights generally carry a 5-year warranty compared to the 1-year warranty of most halogen lights. Bulb replacement is free with Night Vision while the warranty is still valid, and rather than having to contact the bulb manufacturer, you only need contact us and we will deal with the problem immediately – or as soon as we can given your problem and geographical location.

Another benefit of LED lights is the flexibility the offer in installation and design. You can use LED lamps in far more difficult situations than you can with halogens, and the wattage of LED lights can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. They also look just the same as halogen lights do.

LED Lights Or Halogen Lights For Outdoor Lighting?

From all of this you can likely guess that here at Night Vision, we prefer to use LED lighting than halogen lights! Good guess!! So that agreed (we hope) why should you use LED lighting to illuminate your property outdoors? What can it be used to illuminate and how can we help you achieve the look you desire? Let’s look at the ‘Why’ first and then the ‘How’.

The obvious reason for using outdoor lighting is to lighten up your property. You can illuminate paths so people don’t stray into your flower beds. You can also light up these flower beds to display their beauty at night. Using floodlights around the entrances to your property, and at strategic points such as the entrances to your home or outbuildings tends to deter intruders. Intruders do not like bright lights! They tend to work in the dark.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can take any of several different forms. They can be in form of small ‘uplighters’ that are set into the ground. They are usually round but can also have a square fitting on top to provide a square appearance to the fitting. These light units are ideal to lie along pathways or round a pool or fish pond to delineate boundaries.

They can also be fitted onto bollards to indicate boundaries at a higher level. If it is not possible to use either of these, exterior lights can be fitted to the side of walls – walls on your home or around your property. Wherever you want lighting to display boundaries or edges for security purposes, individual lamps, LED or halogen, can be used.

Hi-Tech Landscape Lighting Options

There are many different forms of hi-tech landscape lighting systems available, and here at Night Vision, we are able to offer the majority of them. Whether you are seeking outdoor lighting systems for safety in your yard or around your home, or to illuminate yards, pools or even your home, then we at Night Vision can meet your needs.

Should they be LED lights or halogen lights? You can decide from the information above. Whichever you select (i.e. LED lighting) you can design and create your own garden lighting effects. Simply call us on 678-828-2999 and we will help you to create your landscape lighting using whichever lighting you want – LED lights or halogen lights – though LED is what we will eventually agree to use! Do you get the feeling that LED lights are best?

Questions?  Check out the NightVision Outdoor Lighting FAQ page.