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At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we want our customers to get the best in design and functionality. That’s why our Atlanta outdoor lighting specialists highly recommend homeowners switch their old, outdated outdoor lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lights. In fact, when we install new systems, LED is all we use. As LEDs become standard for indoor home lighting, it’s easy to see why LED use for outdoor lights is so important. They are undoubtedly superior to the old incandescent, halogen, and CFL lamps designers used in the past. And here’s why your outdoor lighting system should switch to LEDs today!

LED Use for Outdoor Lights [infographic]

The Benefits Of LED Lights: Lifespan

When LED lights are compared to traditional bulbs, i.e., incandescents and CFLs, LED lights have some distinct advantages. With LED use for outdoor lights, outdoor lighting designers have new options they never had before.

First, LED last longer. Much longer. Compare an LED and an incandescent bulb:

  • Lifespan of Incandescent: 1/100th of the lifespan of LED lights

Because LEDs last so long, designers no longer have to worry about placing lamps where they can easily be changed. It is likely that you won’t have to replace any of your LED lamps for years. That frees up our designers to put lights wherever they look best, instead of where they are most accessible. Not only is this easier for homeowners and lighting technicians, but it also opens up whole new possibilities in lighting design.

LED Lights and Power Consumption

Another benefit of LEDs is that they use far less energy. Old outdoor lighting systems could be power-hungry. With dozens of lamps that were on for hours every night, the energy use was substantial. Now, with LEDs, the amount of electricity it takes to light up your entire property is negligible.

  • Energy usage of LED lights: 1/1,000th of energy usage of incandescent lights

It’s apparent that if you want to save money, an investment into LED lights goes a long way. Dramatically reduced energy use means you don’t have to worry about how many lamps you are installing, how bright they are, and how long you keep them on. Instead, you can use the lights in whatever way makes the most sense for your property. When it comes to the brightness, quantity, and placement of your outdoor lamps, energy use just isn’t a concern. Instead, NightVision Outdoor Lighting technicians will help you ensure that your lights don’t shine where they shouldn’t. We want to make light trespass (shining into your neighbor’s yard) and light pollution a thing of the past.

Pricing LED Use for Outdoor Lights

There was a time when LED lights were far more expensive than the other types of lights on the market. Even now, a standard indoor LED bulb can cost several times as much as an incandescent. The energy savings and long life are enough to convince most homeowners to switch over their indoor lights. But outdoor lighting is more specialized, and we have run across many customers who worry about the added cost of LED use for their outdoor lights.

Despite consumers’ concerns, NightVision is committed to offering LED outdoor lighting at a competitive price. NightVision Outdoor Lighting installs hundreds of lights every month for customers around the Southeast. That allows us to purchase our lamps in bulk, and we pass on those savings to you.

NightVision and Outdoor LEDs

NightVision owner Lee Davis explains, “One of the best innovations in outdoor lighting has been the LED bulb. LEDs allow our landscape lighting designers to place lights where they should be instead of worrying about if the bulb is easily accessible for frequent changing. Homeowners benefit from gorgeous, well-placed lighting and reduced energy and maintenance costs.”

There you have it. The secret of LED use for outdoor lighting is in the details. Incandescents, CFLs, and other types of lights on the market cannot compare in quality and savings to LEDs. That is why switching to LED lights for outdoor lighting is the smartest choice for the long haul. Contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today for a custom lighting design quote.

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