Modern Outdoor Lighting Methods For Homeowners

Everyone enjoys having a great looking yard, especially at night. That is why it is so important to consider a few modern outdoor lighting methods as a way to enhance your front or back yard. From LED outdoor lighting to standard exterior lighting and a wide range of other types of landscape lighting fixtures, the possibilities are virtually endless today. Here are a few key methods that every homeowner should consider as a way to highlight, showcase, or enhance existing landscaping at night.

LED Yard Lights or Traditional Incandescent Lights

For example, a technique known as silhouetting uses lighting fixtures to highlight plants and other types of dense objects. This is typically done by way of casting a shadow onto a nearby wall or structure. The best way to take advantage of silhouetting is to place an outdoor lighting fixture behind a specific object that you want to highlight. Direct the lighting toward the subject wall to produce a lighted backdrop with a dark outline of the object that is the main focus. Whether using LED lights or traditional incandescent lights, the effect is typically the same.

Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Homeowners and designers often use silhouetting landscape lighting effects with fountains, plants, or even artwork and sculptures. Lighting fixtures can vary and can include spread type lighting as well as traditional spotlights. The amount of illumination required for a particular silhouetting project may demand one outdoor-lighting fixture or even several. Every project is unique and different. That is why it is essential to consult with your professional outdoor landscape lighting expert to know for sure.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Methods For Homeowners [infographic]

Outdoors Spotlights or Spread Lights

Another frequently-used lighting technique is known as grazing. This type of exterior lighting strategy involves highlighting a surface’s unique texture. You can use grazing to highlight or showcase brick siding, stonewalls, or perhaps even architectural features or the bark of a tree. Use spotlights or spread lights at the base of the subject-object and direct the light almost straight upward. The result is uniquely highlighted texture through the use of properly positioned fixtures that create subtle shadows. Those searching for a truly striking look should consider all that grazing type outdoor lighting has to offer.

Landscape Lighting Fixtures

One of our favorite outdoor lighting methods that is very similar to silhouetting is known as shadowing. In this case, you can install a light fixture at the base of the object you want to highlight. You need a wall or other similar structure nearby so where you can cast the shadow. Unlike silhouetting, shadowing creates subtle and soft shadows. Landscape lighting fixtures of this type should be placed low to the ground with a sharp angle upward to create an impressive and dramatic effect.

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