Outdoor Lighting – Benefits Of Deck And Pool Lighting

Outdoor lighting is used for more than just illumination. It makes the area around your home safer at night and also more secure. Deck and pool lighting enables you to enjoy being outdoors, even after he sun goes down. Why should you be forced to leave your deck after dark? Why should your enjoyment of your pool, deck or the pathways around your home be limited to daylight hours – particularly in winter when days are so short – or when the darkness comes down before you get home from work?

We can help you make the most use of your decking, your paths and even your pool with outdoor lighting that is designed to display the areas around your home to its maximum advantage. This is not just lighting – it is lighting with a difference. Lighting in warm shades or even bright, brilliant colors if you want that!

Artistic Deck And Pool Lighting

You can show your artistic talent in the lighting you choose, and the way you can make your deck glow rather than glare, and the way you can make your pool look sinister but inviting on a warm fall evening when darkness droops menacingly all around – except on your paths, deck and your pool.

They will glow with energy and present you with a magical walkway round your home, a place to relax and talk with friends or an inviting expanse of warmly colored water that nobody could resist. A barbecue takes on a different atmosphere and become more inviting when illuminated with glowing, amber lights – or blue, red or even violet!

Use your imagination to create a fabulous look to your home, pathways and other external features that will have your neighbors seething with envy, while wishing avidly that you will invite them to join the party. Or even just to walk with you in the dark and see how it all works to make your home look so beautiful.

Outdoor Lighting Improves Safety

There is more to lighting up your decking, paths and pool than just for the beautiful way it presents these to your visitors. It also adds to safety. Who wants to stumble about outside your home in the dark – or even by the dim light available from a barbecue or fire pit? Proper outdoor lighting increases the safety of your yard, your deck and your paths.

As for your pool – how can it possibly be safe to swim (or try to) in the dark – far better to have lighting professionally installed to maximize visibility in and around these areas. You can enjoy all these external features of your home at any time of day – midday or midnight, it makes no difference. The level of lighting can be mute or bright, or even better, adjustable. You can use a dimmer switch with your deck lighting just as you can with your bedroom.

Different Lighting For Different Occasions

In fact, you have dual systems installed if you wish. You can combine dimmers with alternative circuits to create different effects on your deck or round your pool or garden to suit the occasion. If you have friends in for a party, you might want to take it outside in the evening, round a brightly lit pool. On another occasion you prefer softer lighting for relaxation and reflection. You may prefer to have specific elements highlighted, such as a fountain, fishpond or individual trees.

Outdoor lighting is an art form, and you can use it to present the exterior of your home in a very individual and unique way. All that is needed is imagination and technical knowhow – you have the former while we provide the knowhow. There are very few imaginative uses of lighting that we cannot achieve for you. You may wish to start with your deck or your pool, and when you see the effect you may then want to highlight your entire home and its gardens.

Landscape and Pool Lighting all Year Round

Most people are enthralled by the stunning effects that can be created. Neighbors will be asking you how you did it, but the positive comments of others is not the main benefits that outdoor pool lighting installations give you. The major benefit is that you can enjoy your pool, deck or landscaping all year round, and even look forward to nightfall when all its beauty can be highlighted.

This is the beauty and attraction of outdoor lighting. You have no need for night vision, unless it is provided by NightVision Outdoor Lighting of Atlanta, who will enable you to live your dream. We are Atlanta’s top landscape and outdoor lighting specialist and can provide you with everything above and more.

If the thought of beautifully designed outdoor lighting around your home interests you, then contact our experts for more information and some great suggestions. Call NightVision on 678-828-2999 for a free quote or use our NVLightingGa.com Contact Form Here.