Watch Your Footing! Brighten Up Your Home with Outdoor Pathway Lighting

You may have a great yard that you love and where you spend a lot of time. But if it doesn’t have good lighting, you might find yourself avoiding it after dark. Instead of enjoying everything nature has to offer after hours, you stay inside, so you don’t risk falling and getting injured. You also wouldn’t want your guests to get hurt, so those backyard parties are out of the question. That can all change with the right outdoor pathway lighting. No matter how much you light up the rest of your yard and outdoor space, the paths really matter. They should be a focus of your lighting efforts. Without good outdoor pathway lighting, it’s too easy for an injury to occur. So if you don’t have adequate pathway lighting, you need to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today.

Watch Your Footing! Brighten Up Your Home with Outdoor Pathway Lighting [infographic]

Light Up Your Outdoor Path the Right Way

There are several ways to light up your outdoor path. One technique is to forgo pathway lighting altogether and rely on your ambient lighting. You can use fixtures located above the path that shine down on the entire area surrounding the path. This is an excellent solution for areas where you want to be able to safely maneuver a pathway but also use the area around it. For example, ambient downlighting is perfect for a path leading to and from a deck or patio area. A subset of ambient downlighting is moon lighting. Moon lighting shines through your tree canopy to create a dappled effect similar to the light of the full moon.

Well Lights as Pathway Lighting

You can also have lights shining up from the ground. Well lights, which are partially or entirely buried in the ground, can both illuminate the structures in your garden and indicate the edges of a path. Well lighting is perfect if you have bushes, trees, or hardscape features you want to highlight. By placing the lights along a path, the lights can double as trail markers. In some situations, like around a pool deck or garden path, small well lights can be installed along the edges of a path to mark its borders without getting in the way.

Modified and Regular Pathway Lighting

Some people who light their yard’s outdoor pathways choose to have lights in the bushes or other locations near the path. This is very similar to a standard path lighting setup, but the fixtures remain slightly removed from the path. This is great for a garden pathway or a heavily landscaped area. The fixtures don’t need to be placed in neat rows. Instead, fixtures can be set at semi-regular intervals so that they highlight prized flower beds or unique garden features. The light should pull you along instead of just defining the path.

The simplest form of path lighting is simply installing short fixtures along a path. When done right, this approach doesn’t have to be boring or without character. Avoid placing fixtures in rows and instead stagger them slightly. Unlike a lot of outdoor lighting, these fixtures are meant to be seen. That gives you the opportunity to select fixtures that accentuate and enhance the motifs of your outdoor spaces. You can choose fixtures that are sleek and modern, classic, or whimsical, depending on your tastes and desired effect.

Choosing the Best Type of Outdoor Pathway Lighting

The location and direction of your path lighting aren’t the only features you have to consider. You also need to decide what type of fixtures you’ll be using. Waterproof lighting is crucial. It’s not a good idea to use any kind of lighting that is not rated for outdoor use. And unless your fixtures are so well sheltered that they will never come in direct contact with water, you need fixtures rated for wet use, not just damp use. Using the wrong type of fixture could result in failed bulbs and even create the risk of a fire. Improperly rated fixtures can also cause a person to receive an electric shock. Fortunately, with fixtures that are designed for outdoor pathway lighting, you can get the look you want, make your path safe, and ensure that the lighting you choose will work for a long time.

Work With a Company You Feel Good About

When you’re ready to design and install your outdoor pathway lighting, you don’t have to be an expert at DIY. Just hire the right company to plan out everything and do the installation for you. That way you’re sure to get what you want, and you won’t have to worry about making a mistake. There’s nothing worse than installing all new path lighting, hooking it up, and finding that it doesn’t work. At that point, you’re not sure where the problem is or how to find and fix it. Instead, hand all of that over to a lighting company you can trust, and keep your peace of mind.

Your home will look brighter and safer at night with path lighting. And when you need or want to go outside, you’ll be able to see much more easily. That can keep you from worrying about going outdoors during nighttime hours. It can also make your home less attractive to burglars. Those are all great reasons to choose outdoor pathway lighting from NightVision to light up your beautiful yard at night.