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With spring nearing closer by the day, homeowners in Atlanta will soon be spending more of their increasingly pleasant evenings in their gardens or sitting on their porches.

It’s much easier to enjoy both the spring and summer at night when your garden is properly illuminated. As a matter of fact, taking on an outdoor garden-lighting project can be an incredible home improvement project to undertake this season.

To begin, you will need to create a plan, choose the right bulbs and lighting style, while becoming more educated on avoiding glare and light pollution. You should also seek help and advice from an outdoor lighting professional, like NightVision.

Making A Plan

No matter the size of your garden, it is important to first map out a detailed plan of your garden lighting ideas.

Creating a thorough plan in advance will allow you to make a list of any projects and needed materials. Additionally, you will gain a better understanding of what type of lights need to be installed and how long each separate project will take.

This also allows you to decide if you need to scale back on your lighting ideas. With something as whimsical as outdoor garden lighting, you might find it easy to get swept up in creative ideas.

However, this isn’t the greatest when it comes to reality. For instance, installing a pond is not necessary just because you’re fond of pond lighting.

In short, work with what you have by keeping your projects and plans manageable. If your ideas are too grand to complete in one season, you should try choosing projects that you can complete this year and make a separate plan for the following year.

Choosing The Right Bulbs

Garden lighting is much different than illuminating the interior of your home. You may find that certain light bulbs you’re using indoors are less suited for the outdoors.

For example, incandescent light bulbs are great for the outdoors due to their soft glow. With that said, using them could mean a slightly pricier electric bill and shorter bulb longevity.

While LED lights are initially more expensive, they last much longer and use very little energy. Fluorescent and halogen bulbs are also more energy-friendly and have more longevity.

It might be a good idea to try out a few different bulbs at varying color ranges in order to find the right one for your specific garden.

Seek Help From The Outdoor Lighting Professionals

For homeowners who struggle with knowing what lighting style to use, where to aim their outdoor lights, or how to even get started with a garden lighting project, asking an outdoor lighting professional in Atlanta to analyze your garden can be an incredible idea.

You can receive expert tips and ideas on how to draw attention to certain areas of your garden and create the ideal garden lighting system to enjoy a warm night outside. Even if it’s only to reinforce the ideas that you already have, a professional consultation could be significantly beneficial.

Utilize these expert tips to help you get started on the ideal garden lighting project this spring and the summer that follows. Contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today to discuss a landscape lighting plan that meets your needs!