Why to Install Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

We’ve all seen that one home on the block that looks great both day and night. While it may not jump out at you, there is a reason the house looks great at night: outdoor lighting. More and more homeowners are installing outdoor and landscape lighting, both in new homes and existing ones. The benefits […]

Using Outdoor Downlighting to Mimic Nature

For years, the trend in outdoor lighting has been “see the light, not the fixture”. Nowhere is this more apparent than in artfully designed and skillfully installed downlighting. Many homes have some amount of downlighting already installed. Often this is in the form of simple fixtures under gutters, soffits, or some other type of overhang. […]

Unique Pathway Lighting Ideas – Part 1

Pathway lighting is one of the first types of lighting most homeowners install. After porch or entryway lighting, it is the second most common type of outdoor lighting on a home. However, its commonness is misleading, as many homeowners install pathway lighting, but don’t stop to think about it. It’s very common to see a […]

Comparing Uplighting And Downlighting: What Fits Best For Your Home

After dark, your outdoor living space glows. The architectural detail of interesting trees and a stone retaining wall are naturally illuminated. Beds of blooming perennials are highlighted so you can enjoy their beauty after sunset. You don’t see the landscape lighting. You can feel it. Done right, you won’t spot fixtures or feel like you’re sitting in […]

The Best Areas Of Your Property To Add Outdoor Lighting

To put it simply, outdoor lighting — when installed and utilized correctly — is one of the most effective enhancements out there for your property. The proper exterior lighting system can turn even the dullest of patios into a vibrant hot spot that you and your family will want to spend countless hours enjoying. Unfortunately, […]

Which Lights to Use for Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor and landscape lighting done right can really bring your home to life after dark. Most Atlanta homes come with a simple porch light to illuminate the front door. But that leaves the rest of the house in total darkness, completely obscuring your beautiful home and surrounding gardens. Some homeowners may install path lighting along […]

The Best Places to Put Your Outdoor Lighting

There is no doubt that outdoor lighting can add that elusive “wow” factor to your home. And well placed and planned out lighting on the exterior of your home can be a major plus for curb appeal. Look closely the next time you see an evening shot of a resort or fancy home. That outstanding […]

Using Residential Landscape Lighting To Stage Your Home

Residential landscape lighting is a great way to stage your home. Selling property can be difficult, particularly if it is of appreciable size or has extensive grounds or a large garden. If there are other properties for sale in your area, it is always important to impress more than they do if you want to […]

How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Landscape lighting is a major component of any outdoor lighting plan. So it’s important to know all of your options and choose the right landscape lighting solutions for your home. That means selecting the right design and layout, as well as the right hardware, cables, and wiring to give you the most appealing nighttime visual. […]

Why Should I Light My Outdoors Landscaping?

This is a great question that homeowners often ask when looking for ways to enhance their property. The good news is that there are a number of great reasons why any homeowner should consider the benefits of exterior or landscape lighting. Best of all, low voltage systems are economical, safe and energy efficient. Fixtures can […]

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