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As the outdoor lighting industry expands and outdoor lighting becomes more popular, many homeowners are looking for resort style lighting.

If you’ve ever been to a luxury resort in the summer, you know that nighttime lighting can create a magical outdoor experience.

But did you know that you can create the same effect in your own home?

There is nothing more luxurious than a nighttime swim in your very own pool.

In this article, we will explore how to create resort style lighting for your pool this summer.

Resort Style Lighting for Your Pool [infographic]

Luxury Lighting

Luxury means different things to different people. But there is no doubt that a nighttime swim in a private pool is pretty luxurious.

If you have a hot tub, soaking in a romantically lit hot tub with your partner can be as relaxing as visiting the finest resort.

Other aspects of luxury lighting include areas like fire pits, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and luxurious water features.

A major part of enjoying all of your outdoor areas during the summer is being able to see them.

If you can’t see your pool at night, you are missing out on its beauty.

In addition, you may be putting your safety at risk if you can’t clearly see the water and any obstacles.

This is especially important around the pool deck. The deck needs to be clear and well-lit to avoid accidental falls and injuries.

If you have other outdoor relaxation areas, like patios, kitchens, and fire pits, you definitely need light to enjoy them.

It’s no fun sitting in the dark.

The experts at Night Vision Outdoor Lighting have been designing and installing outdoor lighting systems since 1998.

We have installed exterior lighting in over 5,000 homes, so there’s very little we haven’t seen.

Whatever your outdoor setup, Night Vision Outdoor Lighting can turn your outdoor space into a luxurious retreat you will love.

Try Moonlighting

Moonlighting is a favorite among many of our satisfied customers.

This advanced lighting technique creates the effect of natural light from a full moon washing over your outdoor area.

It is achieved by placing hidden light fixtures high up in trees or under the soffit of your home.

Once the fixtures are installed, we use LED lights in the 4000K range, a slightly bluish light, to mimic the color of moonlight.

This is a great way to light an area so that it is usable without feeling unnatural.

The general rule is that you want to see the effect of the lighting without seeing the fixtures themselves.

Moonlighting is one way to achieve this goal. Along the same lines is soffit lighting.

While soffit lighting is not necessarily done to mimic moonlight, it is a way to indirectly light an area without showing off the fixtures.

If you have structures on your pool area like pergolas, arches, or other roof-like features, you can use soffit lighting to light the area beneath them.

Lighting Trees, Structures, and Unique Garden Features

True resort style lighting is not limited to your pool.

To create the look you might see at a luxury retreat, you will need to light the other parts of your outdoor area as well.

For large features like trees, structures, and other large garden features, directional lighting is ideal.

Directional lighting is achieved by using bullet lights or other narrow-angle lights aimed at a specific area.

For a tree, two or more directional lights can be aimed upwards towards the tree’s trunk.

For structures like pergolas, cabanas, or pool houses, bullet lights can provide uplighting to show up the structure.

Uplighting can also be used in an outdoor kitchen along with downlighting form overhead fixtures to create a functional and beautiful lighting effect.

Along with directional lighting, wash lighting can provide a warm glow to a large structure, which is then highlighted by the directional lights.

Using wide-angle wash lights or floodlights, you can bring an entire structure out of the dark without creating harsh shadows.

Deck Lighting

If you are going to be using your pool at night, it is crucial that you install adequate lighting for the pool deck.

This is both a matter of function and safety.

However, you still want to follow the rule of showing the effect of lights without showing the fixtures themselves. You have a few choices for how to do that.

One way to create light without intrusive fixtures is to use well lighting.

Well lights are sunk into the ground so that they are flush with the surrounding earth. In the case of pool decks, installers may need to drill into the cement to install well lights.

One significant benefit of well lighting is that there is no above ground light fixture to trip on.

As always, keeping your deck clear of hazards is vital for everyone’s safety.

Another option for lighting your pool deck area is to use wall lights.

If you have a small retaining wall or other hardscape feature, you can attach wall lights for a discrete lighting effect.

These are a specific type of sconce light that look like they have been installed upside down.

Wall lights aim all of their light downward, illuminating the pool deck without creating glare or light pollution over the rest of your outdoor area.

Think About Lighting Zones

If you want to create resort style lighting, you need to think about your outdoor area in as comprising a number of distinct lighting zones.

The light you need for your pool and deck is not the same as the light you need in an outdoor kitchen, and so on.

Your general landscape lighting can be placed on a timer that keeps it on all night long.

But for your lighting areas, you may want controls that allow you to dim or completely turn off one area while keeping another area lit.

An example of a distinct lighting zone would be your hot tub.

While the rest of your area remains well-lit, you may want to turn down the lights around the hot tub for a romantic glow.

Another lighting area would be an outdoor kitchen.

While you are using it, you need quite a bit of bright light so you can see your food and cooking tools.

But once you and your guests have moved to another area, you may want to dim or even turn off those lights.

If you have a firepit area, dimmable lights are a great idea.

When the fire is lit, you can dim the lights to enjoy the firelight.

But when the fire is out, you want to have enough light to enjoy that zone as a seating area.

Trust Your Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Experts

If you have questions about pool lighting or outdoor luxury lighting, just send us an email .

With thousands of jobs completed, we are the unrivaled experts in the Metro Atlanta Area.

We will work with you to design elegant, luxurious lighting that will make any outdoor area feel like a resort.

To learn more about what we do, try our About Us page.

You can also hear from our many, many satisfied customers on our Testimonials page.

Explore our site and learn why Night Vision Outdoor Lighting is your absolute best choice for outdoor lighting.


In conclusion, transforming your outdoor space into a resort-style haven involves thoughtful lighting design that goes beyond simple functionality.

Whether it’s moonlighting, directional lighting, or well lights, the goal is to create a luxurious and safe atmosphere for nighttime activities.

Night Vision Outdoor Lighting, with years of expertise, stands as your trusted partner in crafting elegant, resort-style lighting solutions for your home.

Embrace the enchantment of nighttime swimming and outdoor relaxation with our expertly designed and installed lighting systems.

Contact us with any questions or let us guide you in turning your outdoor area into a personalized retreat reminiscent of a luxury resort.

Trust the Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Experts at Night Vision to illuminate your outdoor living experience.


What is resort-style lighting?

Resort-style lighting aims to recreate the luxurious nighttime ambiance of high-end resorts in your own outdoor space. It involves strategic lighting design to enhance the beauty and functionality of areas like pools, hot tubs, fire pits, pergolas, and more.

Why is outdoor lighting important for pool safety?

Adequate outdoor lighting around the pool deck is crucial for safety, preventing accidental falls and injuries. It also ensures clear visibility of the water and potential obstacles, minimizing risks during nighttime activities.

What is moonlighting, and how does it work?

Moonlighting is an advanced lighting technique that mimics the natural light of a full moon. Hidden fixtures are placed high in trees or under home soffits, using LED lights with a slightly bluish tint to create a soft, natural illumination over outdoor spaces.

How can directional lighting enhance large outdoor features?

Directional lighting, achieved with narrow-angle lights like bullet lights, is ideal for highlighting large features such as trees, structures, and garden elements. It focuses light on specific areas, creating a visually appealing effect without revealing the fixtures.

What are the benefits of using well lights for pool decks?

Well lights, sunk into the ground, provide flush illumination without above-ground fixtures, reducing tripping hazards. They create a seamless lighting effect while ensuring the pool deck remains clear and safe.

Why consider distinct lighting zones for outdoor spaces?

Different outdoor areas have unique lighting needs. Creating distinct lighting zones allows you to tailor the intensity of light to specific activities or moods, enhancing the overall resort-style experience in various parts of your outdoor space.