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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s now time to start thinking romantically.

If you are seeking unique ways to create a romantic setting for your significant other on February 14th, you should note that nothing sets the mood better than great outdoor lighting.

Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for you to consider this Valentine’s Day:

Use Outdoor String Lighting

While white string lighting might be a staple in Christmas lighting, they can really be used all year round, with small modifications in order to fit the occasion or celebration.

Seeing as Valentine’s Day is all about love and hearts, you can use chicken wire (or, for a simpler version, a wire hanger) and shape it into a gorgeous heart or the word “love.”  You can then wrap this in string lights to make it the centerpiece of an outdoor space, such as your patio or deck.

Keep in mind, outdoor string lighting is also available in red and pink for an even more festive Valentine’s Day light display.

Add Pops Of Pink To Your Lampshades

The bright white lights in your foyer or living room might work for your everyday life, but opting to make them pink creates a romantic focal point for your significant other.

To do this, you can purchase some red or pink fabric from your local fabric store and place ir around your lampshade. Since this is not permanent, a few pieces of scotch tape in the back should hold the fabric it in place.

It’s important to note, that you should not use this method if your light fixtures tend to run hot, as this can cause the fabric to burn or melt, which could lead to a fire and a spoiled Valentine’s Day evening.


Known as the go-to source for romantic lighting, candles can be placed around your outdoor space, which will immediately increase the romance factor.

If you care to make it even more unique, you can always opt for small tea lights, in order to create love messages or shapes with light, or you can simply lead your valentine to dinner with an aisle of candles.

Outdoor Lighting For Enhancing an Outdoor Dinner

There’s a reason why romantic dinners for two are a Valentine’s Day commonplace. If you’re cooking for your significant other this year, you should seriously consider serving it outdoors in a well-lit area, such as your deck or patio.

An outdoor space that is beautifully illuminated can be one of the most romantic and gorgeous spaces on your property.

To achieve this effectively, contact a professional outdoor lighting company in Atlanta, like NightVision Outdoor Lighting, who can work with you in order to design an outdoor lighting display that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day, and on the other 364 days of the year.

From outdoor structures to landscaping, NightVision will work closely with you to ensure all of the best parts of your property are effectively highlighted and showcased. Feel free to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today to receive a free estimate!