Boost Your Business With Commercial Outdoor Lighting

When the sun is shining and the day is bright, your commercial landscape is at its visible best. NightVision Outdoor Lighting can help you bring that same life to your business at night.

Illuminating the grounds of commercial landscapes, buildings, and unique features, is one of our specialties. Knowing what kind of commercial outdoor lighting is needed and the proper placement/installation is important to accomplish the most effective overall look.

These are some of the reasons you should consider having a NightVision Outdoor Lighting pro assist you in your design for your Atlanta businesses outdoor lighting.

Minimize Energy Use While Maximizing Lighting

According to the U.S Small Business Association, lighting can account for 20-50% of a business’s electricity consumption.

Outdoor lights can use a lot more energy than you probably think. If you are still running conventional incandescent outdoor lighting, you are probably paying far more than you should to light your property.

Today’s LED lamps are capable of delivering the same amount of illumination while cutting energy use by up to 80%.

Making Your Business Look Its Best

Landscape lighting can really bring a business to life once the sun sets. Good landscape lighting can turn your premises into a sophisticated calling card, just with a few well placed spotlights or colored LED lights.

It’s the perfect way to give people a much better impression of your business when they drive by or pull up — and is great for attracting new customers.

Increasing The Safety of Property and People

One of the most immediate benefits of adding landscape lighting to commercial properties is the increase in personal safety for employees, customers and guests.

A commercial outdoor lighting professional in Atlanta will strategically place landscape lighting which can help reduces the likelihood of falls and trips, reducing potential liability for commercial property owners.

Enjoying State-Of-The-Art Lighting

There is a good chance that you do not know about all the options that are available for your Atlanta business. Luckily, at NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we only offer top of the line rugged lighting fixtures and transformers that are extremely reliable and durable.

NightVision Outdoor Lighting’s team of professional technicians has the knowledge and experience to design a system tailored to your specific situation. We can help you determine what type of lighting your business needs, weather that means a few lights or a complete lighting system.

NightVision Outdoor Lighting proudly serves commercial properties and businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Let us design the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your business today. Contact us online or give us a call at 678-828-2999 for a free estimate!