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We’ve installed exterior and landscape lighting on hundreds of homes. Even with so much experience, we are always amazed by what a difference a little light can make. Exterior yard lighting plays an essential role in creating an impressive outside appearance for even the most modest of homes. After many years of experience, we can suggest some easy and effective ways of taking exterior yard lighting to an entirely new level of perfection. For example, outdoor yard lighting can be especially impressive when it is well balanced or symmetrical. Visual cues of regularity and established order can significantly enhance the use of standard outdoor lighting.

How To Take Exterior Yard Lighting To A New Level [infographic]

Choosing And Installing Yard Lighting

There are lots of neat tricks that can take your yard lighting from adequate to spectacular. Unfortunately, many homeowners who try to do it themselves miss out on these techniques.

One thing most homeowners don’t know is that two lights are infinitely better than one. Two lighting fixtures trained on a single focal point help avoid some nasty lighting problems. A single light trained on a tree, bush, or other feature will light one side while leaving the other in dark shadow. The best way to avoid dark shadows is to install lights that illuminate the feature from two angles. All it takes is two lights to banish shadows and create an appealing effect.

The same double-lighting technique is true when illuminating a path or walkway. Using symmetry with lighting fixtures on both sides of a walkway can create a unique sense of order. Many homeowners know that intuitively. But avoid lining up parallel rows of lights along the entire length of the area being lighted. We call this the landing strip effect, and it’s not what you want outside your home. Instead, create a balance that still looks natural by staggering lights on either side of your pathway. The path lights should guide and direct you from lamp to lamp, like stepping stones across a stream.

It is also crucial to pay attention to details when choosing and installing yard lighting. For example, choose fixtures that work well with your existing outdoor furniture, architecture, and any other unique features. If you have a very modern looking home, choose modern-style lamps. If your home is historic, or if it just looks historic, choose more traditional fixtures. Of course, a little contrast isn’t necessarily bad, either. Just make sure that, whatever you choose, you do so intentionally and in a way that makes design sense.

Outdoor Yard Lighting Balance

Equally important is to pay particular attention to both the vertical and the horizontal arrangements of any lighting plan. To achieve your desired lighting goals, you will have to design for both vertical and horizontal spaces. Planning for both is the best solution, though it is not always easy. That’s why working with an experienced designer and installer of outdoor house lights is always a good choice. From LED garden lights to deck lights and LED landscape lighting, as well as post lights and path lighting, working with a professional is always the best bet.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

It can be hard to envision what a lighting system will look like once it is installed. We always suggest moving around your home with a strong flashlight to simulate individual lights and decide what you like. But the overall effect is usually hard to imagine before it is complete and switched on for that first time.

But at Night Vision, we have professionals with years of experience. Our professionals have seen hundreds of design move from the consultation and design phase to the final switch-on. With years of experience in the industry, our designer-installers have a natural eye for what type of lighting works best in a particular yard or outdoor space.

Our installers also understand the importance of focusing on low-voltage landscape lighting. We use low-voltage systems for yard lighting. Low-voltage systems can produce the most aesthetically pleasing exterior visual experience. But it is also safe since there are no high-voltage wires to run into. Whether installing garden lamps or walkway lights, professionals know what works best. This ultimately saves homeowners money, trouble, and time.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Experts

Finally, homeowners should always try to stay abreast of the latest technology and advances in lighting designs. Light bulbs are continually evolving and changing. That’s why it is so important to keep your exterior yard lighting up to date.

Having the latest light bulb technology can enhance any outdoor space. Switching to more energy-efficient bulbs, such as LEDs, can save money over the long term due to reduced energy use. Saving money and keeping a yard looking great has never been easier. It’s especially easy to do when working with professional outdoor lighting experts. Contact Night Vision Outdoor Lighting today for Atlanta yard lights.