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Spring is upon us and as the weather gets warmer Georgians start looking more and more at their outdoor living spaces. Maybe you’re taking a look at that garden you have neglected all winter. Or perhaps you are sweeping off a deck you haven’t visited in a while. It’s time to dream big, and that includes plans for outdoor lighting. If you search online you will find plenty of information on how to plan and install your own lighting. But don’t be fooled. There are professional outdoor lighting companies for a reason. Investing in professional outdoor lighting installation can have a huge payoff in quality results. Plus it can save you lots of frustration and even money.

The Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation [infographic]

Is Outdoor Lighting A Do-it-Yourself Project?

The internet is full of how-to’s and instructions for installing your own outdoor lighting. So you would rightly get the impression that this is a great DIY project for a couple of pleasant spring weekends. But then again, there are instructions for lots of things online. And not all of them should actually be done by someone with no experience.

Is it possible to install outdoor lighting on your own? Well, if you are handy you might be able to put out some lights. But the question is not whether you are able to dig a ditch and run a line. (Although digging a ditch and running a line can sound a lot easier than it is.) The real question is whether you can install the kind of outdoor lighting you are dreaming of. The kind of outdoor lighting you see on luxury homes and resorts. The kind of outdoor lighting that inspired you to want to put outdoor lighting on your home in the first place.

Like with many things in life, there is doing it, and then there is doing it right. So if you just want to stick a few lights in the ground you can do that. But the kind of outdoor lighting that makes your house pop is a whole different story.

The Value Of Experience

There are a number of areas of knowledge that go into outdoor lighting. Generally, these fall into two categories. There is the process of designing outdoor lighting and then there is the process of installing it. Those are separate skills, and each one can be done more and less effectively. Like any skill, you probably won’t do your best job on your first try. Outdoor lighting design and installation can be taught and it can be learned, but there is no substitute for experience.

The professionals at Night Vision Outdoor Lighting have been installing outdoor lighting for our customers for twenty years. We have completed over 5,000 projects. (You can see some of them here.) That’s a lot of opportunities to learn to do it just a little bit better. In fact, we believe that our level of experience makes us the standard for outdoor lighting in Atlanta. Whatever type of lighting you are looking for, chances are we have done it before. In fact, we may have done it dozens or even hundreds of times. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every job isn’t unique. On the contrary, our experience means that we have the skills and flexibility to ditch the cookie cutter approach. We can create truly innovative designs for our customers. We know how to work with your needs and your budget to create an outdoor lighting system you will love.

So What Do the Pros Do Differently?

In short, the pros do everything differently. Because we have done thousands of projects, we have a very broad palette. We know what lighting can do, so we can dream big. And we will work with you to create your dream. Then, once we have built a dream together, we know how to achieve it.

Have you ever heard of the term “pinterest fail”? It’s a snarky term that has popped up recently to describe the results of a project that looked great on Pinterest (or somewhere else online) but failed in the execution. Like those decorated clown cupcakes that looked perfect in the picture but turned out a little less clown-like in your own version. Don’t be the victim of a pinterest fail. With Night Vision Outdoor Lighting we want you to dream big. And once we’ve pinned down the dream, we have the experience to bring it to life.

A Knowledge of Materials

There are many materials that go into outdoor lighting. First of all, there are the bulbs. There are literally hundreds of choices. Choosing a bulb means you are making a lot choices about what kind of light you want. A bulb can vary by luminosity (how bright it is) and color temperature (how yellow or white the light is). Different bulbs also have different lighting spreads, that is the number of degrees in which the light is focused. Some bulbs give of a wide angle ray of light, while other can shine light in just a little pinpoint. Choosing the right bulb for the right location in your garden or around your house can make a big difference.

Besides bulbs, there are hundreds or even thousands of choices of fixtures. There are many kinds of fixtures that are specialized for particular uses around your home. For fixtures that will be visible, there are also many, many styles to choose from. Choosing the right style should be an overall part of your design plan. You want to make sure that your fixtures complement your house, your garden, and each other. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting will work with you to bring your vision to life with just the right combinations of bulbs and fixtures.

You’re Probably Not an Electrician

In addition to the bulbs and fixtures, there are materials that are much less flashy. The electrical components of your low voltage system are crucial to the success of your lighting plan. That means choosing the right transformer, the right cable, and a number of other components that go into the building of your low voltage system. If you’re not an electrician, a lot of this may be new to you.

While internet instructions can give you a good head start, there is no replacement for experience. You wouldn’t try to wire your own house, or install your own plumbing. (Or maybe you would. We don’t recommend it.) There is a reason people hire professionals. Night Vision Outdoor Lighting can save you time, frustration, and even money by getting the job done right the first time. And we guarantee our work. If your low voltage system is damaged in the future, even if it’s your fault, we’ll come fix it!

Save Yourself Time and Money by Hiring Professionals

The savings in time and frustration should be obvious by now. By working with experienced outdoor lighting professionals you are avoiding a lot of hard work and unnecessary stress. You would basically be learning on the job, something we took care of a long time ago. But did you know it could actually save you money?

That’s right! When you install your own system you have no guarantee that it will be done correctly. In fact, there is a very good chance that you will end up having to make changes, adjustments, and repairs many times. It’s just how this kind of project goes. It’s very hard to get right the first time around. Eventually, the cost of materials, new fixtures, new bulbs, new wiring, will catch up with you. You will have two choices. You can keep spending money on adjustments and fixes, or you can give up and live with a lighting system that doesn’t match your dreams.

By hiring Night Vision Outdoor Lighting, you know that you are getting competitive prices and great service. We will stick with a job until you are completely satisfied, and chances are that won’t take long. We will do the work with you beforehand to understand your needs and your budget. Then we will work with that budget to get it right the first time.

So there’s really no reason to subject yourself to a do-it-yourself lighting system installation. Contact Nightvision Outdoor Lighting today and we will arrange for a consultation and free, no-obligation estimate. If you’re not sure you’re ready, take a moment to look at some of our past projects for inspiration. We also encourage you to check out what other satisfied customers are saying about us. And when you are ready, we’re here to make your dreams come true!