The Dynamic Impact of ‘Moon’ Lighting

NightVision Outdoor Lighting, a company specializing in Atlanta lighting design, emphasizes moon lighting and its visual impact on homes and commercial buildings. Although Atlanta lighting design represents just one aspect of its services, NightVision also recommends moon lighting to highlight the nuances of a home’s unique landscape. NightVision Outdoor Lighting provides Atlanta lighting design for homes and commercial buildings and landscapes using the highest quality bulbs combined with dependable and knowledgeable service.

Moon lighting mimics the light of the full moon and illustrates the appearance of a bright moonlight shining down on your landscape. For homeowners in Atlanta, moon lighting accents and enhances elements in the yard. For commercial buildings and landscapes, it equally brings attention to the object highlighted.

To achieve its distinctive appearance, moon lighting is placed high in trees. Light flows through the branches which create the effect of the full moon shining through the tree and highlights specific trees as a landscape centerpiece. Varying aspects to create a different and unique visual include: the number of fixtures used, bulb/tree placement, type of light chosen, and the angle the bulb is affixed. These varying elements can create the unique look of the moon.

Lee Davis, owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, says of moon lighting, “There are plenty of ways to make your home unique, from inside to outside. Moon lighting in particular is a great way to accent your home’s landscape. With moon lighting illuminating your back yard, you will not want to stay indoors!”

NightVision designs, installs, and repairs lighting systems for clients across the metro Atlanta area. NightVision always uses tree-friendly techniques to prevent damage such as scarring or wounds. Because a burnt bulb or broken fixture can significantly detract from a home’s appearance, NightVision also offers maintenance and repair service.

NightVision Outdoor Lighting carries out moon lighting installation and all other Atlanta landscape lighting projects with the highest commitment to customer satisfaction. For more information about moon lighting or NightVision’s other outdoor lighting services, contact us.