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Are you tired of your home or business being in the dark? If so, then you need to see the light – literally! At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we specialize in Atlanta lighting design and can help bring your home or business out of the shadows. We believe that moonlighting – or outdoor lighting that simulates moonlight – is the best way to achieve this. Not only is it visually impactful, but it can also be quite dynamic. Keep reading to learn more about how moon lighting can enhance your property.

What is moon lighting, and why is it important in Atlanta lighting design?

Lee Davis, owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, says of moon lighting, “There are plenty of ways to make your home unique, from inside to outside. Moon lighting, in particular, is a great way to accent your home’s landscape. With moon lighting illuminating your backyard, you will not want to stay indoors!”

Moon lighting mimics the light of the full moon and illustrates the appearance of a bright moonlight shining down on your landscape. For homeowners in Atlanta, moon lighting accents and enhances elements in the yard. For commercial buildings and landscapes, it equally brings attention to the object highlighted.

To achieve its distinctive appearance, moon lighting is placed high in trees. Light flows through the branches, which creates the effect of the full moon shining through the tree and highlights specific trees as a landscape centerpiece. Varying aspects of creating a different and unique visual include the number of fixtures used, bulb/tree placement, type of light chosen, and the angle the bulb is affixed. These varying elements can create the unique look of the moon.

This type of design creates a special, romantic ambiance and can really enhance the beauty of a home or commercial building. Moon lighting can be used for stunning landscape design as well, with moonlight (real or artificial) reflecting off pools or ponds to create stunning visuals. Unlike other traditional forms of outdoor lighting, moonlight provides a soft, indirect light that does not detract from the natural beauty but rather accentuates it instead. With this type of elevated experience for property owners in Atlanta, moonlighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to designing their outdoor space.


Moon lighting creates a dreamy, romantic effect.

How can moon lighting be used to create different visual effects on homes and commercial buildings?

When it comes to lighting design for both homes and commercial buildings, moon lighting has become an increasingly popular choice. By strategically placing fixtures in trees and other garden features, NightVision Outdoor Lighting can use the soft glow of moon lighting to create spectacular visual effects on any building or home. From creating dramatic shadows around trees and arches to framing a walkway or porch space, the possibilities of how moon lighting can be used are nearly endless. For example, highlights along the parapet of a building or the curves of stone steps can add visual interest that will truly set your building apart. With the right combination of imagination and professional craftsmanship from NightVision Outdoor Lighting, you can achieve stunning nighttime displays no matter what type of home or commercial property you have.

What are some of the benefits of using moon lighting in Atlanta lighting design?

Moon lighting is a type of lighting design that utilizes natural elements to provide subtle illumination, creating an ambient atmosphere with minimal distraction. As such, it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for Atlanta lighting designers. This isn’t just due to its aesthetic appeal – moon lighting has many practical benefits as well. Because it produces less light than traditional methods, moon lighting dramatically reduces energy expenditures for businesses and households alike. Additionally, because of its delicate intensity and careful placement, it also helps to prevent light pollution from occurring. Moonlighting can also assist in protecting local wildlife since dimmer lighting decreases the disruption of nocturnal ecosystems and reduces human disruption levels. Thus, it’s no surprise why so many Atlantans are turning to moonlighting for their outdoor design needs — it’s a great way to highlight any outdoor space without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

How can NightVision Outdoor Lighting help you achieve the perfect moon lighting design for your home or business in Atlanta, GA?

At NightVision Outdoor Lighting, we specialize in making your home or business stand out with stunning, dynamic moon lighting designs. Our team of lighting design professionals understands the local Atlanta environment and can craft a creatively designed, energy-efficient plan that creates an enchanting atmosphere for your property. We take into account the structure of your building, weather patterns in the area, and any possible limitations before devising the perfect moon lighting plan to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you are looking for just a touch of moonlight or something more dramatic, NightVision Outdoor Lighting can help you achieve the cozy yet sophisticated ambience that will be the envy of all who visit your premises. Come experience our unparalleled level of expertise and see what makes us the premier provider of Atlanta’s best outdoor lighting solutions!


NightVision designs, installs, and repairs lighting systems for clients across the metro Atlanta area. NightVision always uses tree-friendly techniques to prevent damage such as scarring or wounds. Because a burnt bulb or broken fixture can significantly detract from a home’s appearance, NightVision also offers maintenance and repair services.

NightVision Outdoor Lighting carries out moon lighting installation and all other Atlanta landscape lighting projects with the highest commitment to customer satisfaction.

Moon lighting is an important aspect of Atlanta lighting design and can create beautiful visual effects on homes and commercial buildings. NightVision Outdoor Lighting can help you achieve the perfect moon lighting design for your home or business in Atlanta, GA. With our years of experience and expertise, we will work with you to create a unique and visually stunning nightscape that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your property into a night oasis!