When Is It Time To Update Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Let’s face it, technology has changed quite a bit in the past twenty years. As a matter of fact, did you know that the first outdoor lighting fixtures were developed from painted coffee cans, mayonnaise jars, 12-volt batteries and automobile lamps?

However, today’s outdoor lighting fixtures are more sleek, compact, and are made available in a variety of materials, which can have an impact on how well the fixtures function and hold up in its environment. With that being said, as with similar investments, there does come a point where you will need to consider upgrading your home’s outdoor lighting fixtures.

Here are some of the various reasons why it might be time to consider an update from the Atlanta outdoor lighting experts.

Repairs Are Needed More Often

Moisture and the elements can cause havoc on your fixtures. Just like with any mechanical equipment that you invest your hard earned money into, you might eventually find yourself needing to make more and more consistent repairs.

This is when you must decide if it’s simply better to replace that item or continue to have it constantly repaired.  Every exterior landscape lighting fixture contains a socket that the actual bulb screws or plugs into, and just like anything left outside in the elements, some of the very old lighting fixtures can begin to let moisture in.

Unfortunately, this can lead to corrosion, and the lamps eventually ceasing to function. If the sockets are bad they will, indeed, show signs of corrosion and rust. The bulbs may even flicker, or work only intermittently. These are the clear cut signs of a bad socket, and possibly even a bad fixture.

There is absolutely no point to replacing a socket in an old fixture if it’s just going to continue leaking. Not when new technology exists that has allowed outdoor lighting fixtures to become much more watertight than they have been in the past. Not to mention, most of these fixtures come with lifetime warranties.

Updating The Look Of Your Home To Reflect Your Personal Style

All of the new outdoor lighting fixtures are designed specifically for durability and attractiveness. Not to mention, the low voltage lighting fixture industry has exponentially grown in the past decade.

Now we have landscape lighting fixtures that are much more aesthetically pleasing and durable than ever before. You can even pick custom outdoor lighting fixtures in order to fit the look of your home as well as your personal style perfectly. For instance, if you’re looking for a more contemporary look over traditional, or vice versa; your outdoor lighting fixtures can help you achieve whatever look you want.

Overall new outdoor lighting fixtures provide better performance for your system. If you suspect that your outdoor lighting fixtures might be showing signs of deterioration, please feel free to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting directly at 678-828-2999 or contact us on our website.

We can have one of our service technicians or designers evaluate your outdoor lighting system and advise you on a solution that best fits your needs.