Exterior Moon Lighting Is A Great Way To Accent Your Home

If you’ve ever heard the term “moonlight” before, you’ve likely interpreted it literally as the glow of light that shines down from the moon at night. But exterior “moon lighting” means something else to outdoor lighting designers.

However, as Atlanta’s premier outdoor lighting experts, we’ve come to use this phrase as a way to describe a particular lighting system that helps accent your home and yard while (of course) mimicking the moon’s glow at the same time.

By having the proper exterior moon lighting installed in your yard, you’ll instantly see why it’s such a benefit to the overall aesthetic of your yard as a whole. Here’s what exterior moon lighting can do for your yard.

Why Exterior Moon Lighting is a Great Way to Accent Your Home [infographic]

What Exterior Moon Lighting Can Do For Your Yard?

What moon lighting does is effectively mimic the incredible glow from the sky seen during a full moon, showcasing all of the highlights of your yard’s landscaping more subtly and naturally.

For example, if you’ve installed a fountain underneath a stand of tall oak trees, you can install moon lighting to cast a soft light downward, impressing your guests and family members every time they’re outside your home at night. Moon lighting is also perfect for combining with other lighting methods and fixtures to create a myriad of highlights for your landscaping.

Moreover, by shining light down from your trees and other foliage in your yard, you give guests another focal point while they are outside.

Where To Find Effective Exterior Moon Lighting In Atlanta?

If you’re interested in having moon lighting installed in your yard, you should consider NightVision Outdoor Lighting.

NightVision has proudly served metro Atlanta since 1999 with some of the most effective and unique outdoor lighting systems for both residential and commercial properties. NightVision offers everything from landscape lighting to deck and path to home accents.

We have the professional know-how and experience to design an outdoor lighting system that fits the layout of your yard perfectly. And we can provide the highest quality lighting fixtures to last you a lifetime.

NightVision Offers Worry-Free Replacement Lighting

NightVision is proud to offer their customers worry-free replacement lighting, and it’s one of the small ways they’ve consistently beaten out their competition.

This emphasizes their impeccable customer service, as it provides customers with a guarantee that their lighting system will always function properly. If somehow a bulb or strand burns out, NightVision will promptly send over a professional to replace it, no questions asked.

We hope you’re enjoying our Bright Ideas blog. To learn how NightVision Outdoor Lighting can enhance your next outdoor lighting property, visit our Services page; or, to see what our customers are raving about, visit our Testimonials page.