Why Landscape Lighting Is NOT A DIY Project

When beginning an outdoor lighting project—or any home improvement venture, for that matter —you have the choice of hiring a professional to take care of the work or doing the job yourself. Social media sites like YouTube and Pinterest, and television like the shows on HGTV, make doing home improvement projects yourself seem both affordable and easy. But don’t be fooled. We’re here to let you know why landscape lighting is NOT a DIY project.

When it comes to landscape lighting, it truly takes an experienced eye to fully understand how to light different elements of your yard, as well as to know what fixtures to use.

If you do not have the knowledge and expertise of a professional, then your DIY project could actually end up costing you more money and time than hiring an expert. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between a DIY landscape lighting project or hiring a landscape lighting professional.

Why Landscape Lighting is NOT a DIY Project [infographic]

Solar Lighting vs Low-Voltage Electric Wiring

The typical DIY outdoor lighting project makes use of solar lights. Solar lighting is energy easy and inexpensive to install because it doesn’t require any wiring. You can simply push solar fixtures into the ground, and your project is complete.

As cost-effective and straightforward as solar lighting may sound, there are some notable disadvantages when it comes to owning and maintaining them. For starters, solar light fixtures are generally made of inexpensive plastic, which doesn’t hold up well in most outdoor environments.

You also don’t have the ability to control when your lights turn on or off. So if you—or your friendly neighbors—don’t want your lights shining all night long, you have no way to turn them off. Also, the light production from most solar lights is only a dim glow. DIY lighting projects that rely on solar lights won’t be able to produce the same caliber of light as a wired system installed by a professional. Many of the high-end lighting techniques used by professionals simply aren’t achievable with the relatively low light output of solar lights.

Proper Wiring Installation For Outdoor Lighting

If you choose not to use solar lights, you will need to install low-voltage wiring. Outdoor landscape wiring is very different from indoor wiring. Outdoor lighting professionals have experience building outdoor lighting systems, which DIYers may find surprisingly tricky. Professional outdoor lighting designers have extensive knowledge of factors like bugs, pets, humidity, and changes in temperature that affect your lighting system. Hiring a professional will ensure your outdoor lighting system has long-term durability and efficiency.

While you may think that hiring a professional would cost more than doing it yourself, keep in mind that an expert could keep your project on budget, help you avoid costly repairs, and save you time.

Hiring a Landscape Lighting Professional

Hiring a landscape lighting professional like NightVision Outdoor Lighting for both the design and installation of your landscape lighting project has many benefits.

Professionals will be able to help develop a comprehensive outdoor lighting design that will add both functionality and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

When properly installed, an outdoor lighting system will:

  • Enhance your home’s nighttime distinction and beauty
  • Improve your outdoor safety and security
  • Extend the enjoyment and entertainment opportunities of your outdoor spaces

So don’t be fooled by DIY tutorials that tell you it’s easy to build the perfect lighting system in a weekend. There’s no quick way to great lighting, and hiring professionals is the way to get the results you dream of.