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In the new era of a better looking home, it is not just about the landscape, the freshly trimmed yard, or the architecture of your house.

The way your home looks when the sun goes down adds the extra edge over your neighbors. Having a great looking landscape and a maintained looking home sure does make your property pop, but having a beautiful landscape lighting system at night really sets you apart from the rest.

Some think that any sort of outdoor lighting will make their house better looking; this is not always the case. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons why you should avoid cheap landscape lighting.

Poor Contrast

Lacking a variety of lights is a very common mistake. For example, having only floodlights in your backyard makes that area very simple and boring.

Also, having only path lights along your driveway gives a very basic, low-lit feel that does not give much security or appeal. Professional planning and design will give your home a variety of depths and temperatures that helps bring out the important aspects of your property.

Unlike daily sunshine, with professional design we can control and apply lighting that helps draw the viewer to specific areas. One of the first steps of proper planning is finding out the focal points you want and creating a lighting order.

Our professional design and planning considers all points of your home from all directions. This helps create the depth that makes your home stand out. Our plans at NightVision Outdoor Lighting include focal points, direction, primary and secondary lights, backgrounds and soft lighting, as well as dark areas to create better contrast.

Lighting Glare

Lighting glare is an easy way to ruin an attractive home lighting system. Getting rid of lighting glare will prevent distraction of the focal points and will give you the ability to see the whole nightscape.

If a contractor does not position a fixture in the right spot, you can get an annoying glare from anywhere in or around your house. Lighting glare can be prevented by using different lenses or filters, and by considering the range and direction of the light.

Bad Fixture Placement

Placing a well-lit fixture in bad location can create an imbalance of depth and temperature. For example, placing only one light under a mature tree will give unneeded focus on only one part of the tree and not a complete illumination.

Bad-fixture placement can result in an imbalance or under-illuminated areas of the home. Our goal at NightVision is to create perfect amount of illumination throughout the home and yard.

Wrong Color Temperature

Different color temperatures can set the mood of your design. Fixtures that are too warm produce a yellow-tinted light that can appear dirty or old.

Also, a light that appears to white can create an unemotional, commercial feel. Fixtures that have a blue tint can come off as sleepy or dreary.

At NightVision, we take fixture temperature into account when trying to design the perfect landscape lighting project for you.

Under-Powered Lights

The easiest way for your money to be wasted is to have low powered lights around your home. For example, a fixture may only reach half way up the trunk and won’t be sufficient enough to illuminate the tree properly. Cheap solar powered path lights tend to be very low lit and appear too dim.

A landscape lighting design can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting to help you design a plan that works best with your home for the perfect lighting nightscape.