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Yard Safety: Outdoor Lighting For Yard And Pool Safety

By August 17, 2016No Comments

Yard safety is an important safety aspect of any home, particularly if you have young children. The same is also true of pool safety, where in addition to suitable barriers to keep young children away from the pool, you also need adequate lighting at night. One of the most common causes of accidents after dark is a lack of adequate lighting.

Outdoor lighting should be regarded as a special form of lighting, provided by a company that focuses on outdoor and landscape lighting. Outdoor electrical work must be resistant to water and corrosion, and should be operated from inside the home or by rainproof outdoor switches. This is best carried out by those experienced in outdoor lighting.

This does not only apply to your own home, but also to hotels, motels, country clubs and any other service with outdoor facilities open to the public. You will be putting your family, guests and visitors at risk if you fail to provide adequate illumination of the areas around your home or premises. Yard safety is important, but let’s consider pool safety first.

Outdoor Pool Safety At Night

It should go without saying that outdoor pools should be as well illuminated as indoor pools. Without adequate lighting, it is easy for someone to accidently fall into the water. When that happens, people can become confused and disoriented because they might be unable to establish their bearings. Are there any buildings nearby that may be showing a light? It is not as easy to get out of a swimming pool in pitch black as many might think it to be.

Not only that, but tripping hazards are common around pools. Loungers, tables and other obstructions can be dangerous in the dark. By lighting up your pool and its perimeter, you not only make it safer but you can also use your imagination to create some fabulous light effects.

You can use filters with your pool lights to change their color. A blue light shining on the water is often popular, and you can combine that with soft lighting round the perimeter. Such outdoor lighting units can be suspended above head height or take the form of individual lamps set into the ground around all four sides.

Yard Safety First: Light Up Your Yard

Yard safety is important. If you use your yard in the evening, for a barbecue for example, it pays to have it well lit. Yards can be dangerous at night if people are stumbling about in the dark. Don’t just light the deck but use outdoor accent lighting to highlight specific points of interest, such as a statue, fountain, fish pond or even a clump of flowers or bushes. As mentioned above, don’t forget your outdoor pool if you have one.

You should also illuminate the path or driveway from your gate to your house. Lack of pathway lighting is a common cause of trips and falls. Even small lamps set into the ground at intervals each side of the path will be enough to prevent people straying off in the dark. This is particularly true if you have small paths winding through trees – it is very easy to lose your bearings once you inadvertently stray off the path.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

While all of the above will improve yard and pool safety, they can also be used for their aesthetic effects. Outdoor landscape lighting offers a wide palette of colors and range of lighting effects. Put your own ideas into practice or we can suggest some for you. You can amaze your guests while also keeping your yard and pool safe for them.

Yard safety should not be ignored. Your family and friends rely on you to make it easy for them to see their way after dark, and outdoor lighting goes a long way towards achieving that. If you run a hotel, motel or any other outdoor facility, then the area around the building should be well lit along with any gardens and paths.

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